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Big 4-0

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016

Happy 40th birthday to my bastard boyfriend. <3

Leather Day

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016

Happy Birthday to you, my heart, my soul, my beloved

Freebie 5

Saturday, January 30th, 2016

or: the laminated list I never got to the end of.


Temuera Morrison


Norman Reedus


Colin Farrell


Joel Kinnaman



…should the opportunity ever present itself.


Monday, October 19th, 2015

Wow, another year has gone by. I’m now 37.

What I love about my birthday is that I share it with a special person. Somewhere around 12, maybe 13 years ago when I was just starting my career as a serendipitous blogger of all things nonsense, way back in the days of Ghostranch Hills I believe, or maybe even Motorcycle Emptiness 1.0, I happened to blog jump from I don’t even remember whose blog to a blog that was updated rather more frequently than mine. I started to read it, every day and finally I dared to comment on some of the posts. And he started to visit my blog of nonsense and comment there.

And a while later I found out that the blogger was born on the same day as me, only three years earlier. I was blown away, because nobody ever had the same birthday as me. Except this guy. And that I accidentally happened to bump into him in the vastness that was the internet. These were the days before social media, the happier times where everyone owned a domain and had a blog.

We became friends, staying up in ridiculous hours talking rubbish and not-so-rubbish over Messenger (yes it truly was a different time). Sharing the most important and secret things about our lives, sometimes crying, but usually laughing so hard I’m surprised neither of us literally burst. There were times I felt so alone in the world, but then, at two-thirteen-am there was a tiny ‘bling’ that told me my friend had come online and life seemed a little less exhausting.

And so here we are, about 13 years (who’s counting anyway) later, me and him are SHOUTING WITH CAPITALS TO EACHOTHER on Facebook at this time of the year (and sometimes other times too), waging gif wars and being dorky. Because we’re twinsies, fangirls, crackheads. We have the October 18th syndrome, it just makes us like this.

You make my life a better life to live.
I hope we’ll be shouting at eachother on our 105th (and 108th) birthday.
I love you.

Ordinary Love

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

You guys. U2’s new single, Ordinary Love.

I heard it for the first time last night and at 0:29 mark I was already bawling my eyes out. It’s so U2. It’s like coming home from a long trip. It’s … it’s just moving.

This band has been in my life for 30 odd years. Been with me through ups and downs and it has literally saved my life. Literally. I would’ve quite certainly offed myself had it not been U2 and Bono. His voice still sounds like hope to me. Like the light at the end of a long tunnel. Like the hope that everything will turn out for the best. I feel such overwhelming joy upon hearing him sing it’s just … I don’t know, it’s something I’ve been trying to put in words for a long time, having yet to succeed. I can only imagine it to be similar to a religious experience.

I can only hope the new album (whenever the fuck it will be released) will be on the lines of this single. Because if it is, I’m positive it will be my second favourite album. There’s no beating Achtung Baby, mostly because that album is what was my resurrection from the teenage angst and the hardships I was facing (we’ve probably been through this). I went through the fucking meat grinder, psychologically, and Achtung Baby means the world to me, because I made it through all that, listening to Ultra Violet and Acrobat. And Love is Blindness, a song that still hurts me on such a deep level.

Here’s an edit of Bono I made earlier today, because of reasons.