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Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

I was going to be very productive and all with this blog, starting the first of January, but look how that’s gone. I’m blaming my moods again. I know I’m turning to mania again, becacuse obvious fucking signs. I’m annoyed at everything, I hate my life being stuck and I’m obsessing very badly over a celebrity. I wouldn’t be sleeping if it wasn’t for supplements.

So this is what my life is at the moment: I had a hissy fit yesterday to basically the whole world, because U2 announced The Joshua Tree 30 year anniversary tour and I can’t go, because they play like ten shows in Europe and none of them are even close to Finland. It’s not even my favourite album or anything, but I just… And I wanted to see Assassin’s Creed, but it seemed they’re not showing it anymore. (well they are, the news just in, buddy boy, so all that rage for nothing) and I was so fucking pissed off at that too.

So I had a hissy fit and just sat infront of the computer the whole evening, watching Centurion on Netflix and eating what was left of my stash of chocolate.

I know I’m pathetic. I just wish I had a normal functioning fucking brain.

Another year

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

So it’s me birthday. Again, as it seems. Funny how the time flies when you’re and so on.

Instead of eating cake so much I’ll puke, I’m at home sneezing what’s left of my brain (‘not a lot’ -you, ‘ye u right’ -me) out. I’ve also been watching a shitty film (i hate to say this but the sequel to Once Were Warriors is painful), drinking a lot of tea and orange juice and hitting up Wayback Machine.

I found a few blog entries from 2005 (jesus i’ve been a blogger for a good while, eh), from my fourth domain, I’m ranting on about how music is my life and how it’s the only place that lets me relax because I’m a fidgety bastard. And I’m shouting in caps to Johnnie how much I love him and calling him my knight in shiny armor. I’m having database troubles because of domain move and I’m being a bit of a fangirl.

So, in ten years nothing’s changed.

Except the domain name.

Record store

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

When I was about twelve or thirteen, a new record shop was opened in my hometown. Before that we’d had to buy our records from either the supermarket (which had a pitiful variety of music) or go to Sweden, to our neighbouring town of Haparanda, where there was a dedicated store.

So the store opened and the owner was a guy who I already were sort of familiar with, because he was with the local DJ company as a lighting tech. The store was on the basement floor of the mall and the first record I bought there was Maggie Reilly’s album Echoes. It was a start of a wonderful friendship, let me tell you.

When the store moved to ground floor after a couple of years, I started to really hang around in there and got friendly with the owner. I mean I would just go there and talk, not even buy anything. I would listen to a lot of albums and just spend time in there. I wasn’t one of the popular kids, as I’ve told you a million times in a million stories, so I had a lot of time to spend elsewhere than parties and such. By the time I was sixteen, making some money of my own, I was buying a lot of records. Whatever he didn’t have in and I wanted, he would order. I bought a lot of U2 records, the back catalogue that I didn’t have at the time and I made my love for the band so clear that I was nicknamed just U2. I would call the owner and introduce myself as U2 and he would know who I was. I even used my first debit card ever the first time ever there, on purpose and he made it a spectacle to the amusement of not just me and him, but also every other patron in there at the time. He even signed the receipt “U2” so I wouldn’t have to (yes there were times when you had to sign a receipt and not just punch in pincodes, i know, try to understand this was the dark ages with dragons and inquisition).

By the time I was nineteen and still hanging about in the store (i know, i was a complete geek), U2 came out with Pop. The owner ordered in every one of the singles released in every version he could get his hands on, stacking them behind the counter for me to pick up. If I didn’t have money at the moment he would write my purchases down and I would pay him later. I was that frequent of a customer.

It was a magical time and I have only later realized how special of a place it was for me. I miss those days a lot. But they came to an end because people basically stopped buying physical copies of music and instead started downloading it. That was the end of my record store, much like it must’ve been for a lot of record stores in Finland and indeed around the world.

But it was my world, my happy place, my salvation from a lot of gloomy days I would’ve spent on my own.

And I miss it. A lot.

School & planning

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

As you may well know I have been unemployed for a decent while now. It’s really hard to find a job where I live. This is a small town with relatively high unemployment percentage, so basically anywhere you apply, there are about a hundred other applicants who are not necessarily better qualified, but have better job resume than I.

So I applied to study another degree and I got in! School starts at the end of this month and I am surprisingly excited about it. I’m going to be a mining engineer by the end of 2017, if all goes well. I’ve already bought myself a new bag for the school and will buy some stationary too. I’ve also browsed for new planner inserts for 2017 (yes i know i’m early) because I’m a terrible planner addict and also I feel like I want to buy something.

I’m probably going to wait until like October with the new inserts so I can see all the things Kikki.K will have to offer (love their inserts and products!) and also if Filofax puts up something new. They already have 2017 inserts available, and I’ve been thinking if I should try my hand on the daily inserts. Mainly to keep track of my eating and excercising. I mean I could do it just by logging everything down on the weekly view but that will undoubtedly make the weekly pages messy. And I’ve got school things like deadlines and all to keep track. So I think I might be able to utilize the daily pages as well.

To do that I might have to get rid of some of the other inserts I have now, because my planner would be too bulky with the daily inserts and all. I have now the Kikki.K Wellness planner inserts to keep track of my excercises, but they’ll run out by November, no matter how hard I try. So that would free up some space. And I wouldn’t have to keep all year of everything in the planner at once. Maybe the monthly pages for the whole year, but three months worth of weekly would suffice. And maybe a month of dailies.

I don’t know. I’m just very excited to start going to school again. I hope everything works out fine and I’ll be graduating in time.

Wish me luck!

State of the Nation: June

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

I’m terrible at blogging regularly. But you (three) already know this, so I’m not wasting any time being bothered about that.

During the still ongoing month of June I have been

-watching a lot of footie (it’s the Euro 2016 and i’m here for England and if they fuck up then Germany)

-running. Not around like a decapitated hen, but like, exercise run. A lot. I completed the 5K Runner app’s eight week course and while I couldn’t make it to 5K in 35 minutes, I managed to run the 35 minutes (and later more) straight and if that’s not an achievement for someone like me, who used to run just across the road but only if it was due to not getting ran over by a car, then I don’t know what is. So in short, I’m very pleased with myself for actually getting back into running. Properly.

-running. Around like a decapitated hen. I know I said I haven’t, but I sort of have. Everything is sometimes just so hectic and I can’t seem to get a hold of moments. Everything just sort of … happens. At a quick pace. I should try to get into meditation and mindfulness and yoga. I’m not the most flexible person ever, but mate was I present at classes. So yeah, yoga.

-roadtripping. I went to southern Finland with the husband in the beginning of the month. We left B in the care of grandparents and fucked off to my mates housewarming do. It was a nice trip, apart from the fact that I got some sort of stomach bug that eventually ended up doing rounds on everyone. Ever. Ew.

What I should’ve been doing and haven’t is

-going to the gym. The gym has always been my enemy in the sense that I rarely can be arsed to go, especially alone. I don’t feel like it’s hard enough of an exercise to me (shut up, i know i could be doing things with more weights) so I’ve sort of … not gone. I should and I’m determined to start again next week.

-crafting. Mate I bought a sewing machine and I’ve not used it in over a month! I keep burning my fingers carrying around my London Zoo keep cup when I should’ve done the tea cozy I’ve been planning to do for -you guessed it!- over a month. Argh. Also I’ve not made a single card or any other craft even tho I moved all my shit downstairs so I’d get shit done.

-eating less. I’ve fallen back into my old habits of eating basically everything I can catch. I’m starting a food journal tomorrow to where I will write down everything I eat in detail, so I can feel properly bad about every extra slice of cheese I have. I need to get my weight loss back in track. It’s my health we’re talking about, not just vanity.

I’ve been feeling quite alright mentally, mostly I suspect because a) it’s summer and I always feel better during summer because it’s, well, summer, b) because I’ve been motorbiking, which is still my favourite thing to do ever and c) the looney pills that keep me from going psychotic.

That’s about it. I’m hoping we’ll see eachother a bit more regularly, but I can’t promise you anything. I just hope that you (two by the time we got this far) stay true to me and my irregular blogging habits.