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Song of The Week, 3/18

Saturday, April 7th, 2018

I’ve been waiting for spring to come, which now, as there’s still snow in monumental fucking piles all around here, a bit of a wishful thinking. I don’t like winter, I don’t like snow and cold, so it’s quite natural that I’m bit anxious already for the summer to arrive. It has been snowy all around for over five months now.

I’m waiting for the summer (or at least a proper spring) particularly lot this year, mostly because I’ve bought myself a pair of spanking new New Balance running shoes and I’m waiting for the roads to clear so I can start my running season. Which brings me to my pick for the Song of The Week. I’ve been compiling a running playlist for this season, like I do for every season. I like to change up the beats I listen to for every year, even tho there are some that stick, just because they are my power songs and they can spank me into pushing myself further. But mostly it’s just songs that have a powerful basstrack. Which is quite evident in this one.

I picked this up just recently from BodyCombat 75, and it immediately stuck with me. It’s going on my running playlist this year, probably as track number six or seven, just because I know I’ll need an extra boost right about there.

Here it is, the third Song of The Week this year, Tropkillaz – Disbroqueia a Tela.

Song of The Week 2/18

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

This past month I’ve been mainly obsessing over Altered Carbon. While this song has absolutely nothing to do with it, it has historically to do with Joel Kinnaman, the man who plays Takeshi Kovacs and Elias Ryker in that series. It was quite soon after this song was released that I heard it first, as a part of a playlist that had something to do with making out and sex and all that jazz. Coincidentally I was up to my eyebrows in Kinnaman-fandom at that time and naturally connected every hot song with him.

And just last week I happened to scroll about my Starred playlist on Spotify for some “old” tunes to find some variation, when this popped up. Conveniently when I’m so deep into Kinnaman (again) that I can barely remember my name.

So suffer with me, both the song and the man.

disgusting, innit

This week’s song is IAMX – Your Joy Is My Low

gif credit to uuuhshiny @ tumblr

Song of The Week 1/18

Sunday, January 7th, 2018

This week, the first week of 2018, I’ve been mostly listening to Major Lazer’s Be Together.

I can’t remember where or when I heard this the first time, but I know it wasn’t when it was released. I’m sort of a fan of Major Lazer, but I’ve only really listened to the singles that were played on Finnish radio stations, and they’re Watch Out For This and Jah No Partial. I guess it might be that I just stumbled on this while YouTube hopping and I saved it for later. And found it again a week ago.

I’m one of those (perhaps) annoying people that find a song, then listen to it seventymillion times in a row, forget them for a while and then put them into the sort of normal rotation. This song is no different. It’s been played this week probably thirty five times and it’s a lot, considering the time I have for listening what I want, instead of cartoons on the telly or some shitty radio station at work.

I love the rhythm, I love the melody and I love the singer’s voice. Particularly I love the “choir” at the beginning. And as strange as it seems coming from me, your friendly neighbourhood Larry Mullen jr. (i don’t think the lyrics are worth a shit to be honest i think it’s all about drums), I love the lyrics too. Plus the song gave me an instant fic-feel too. I mean even before I heard the lyrics.

So without any longer or deeper explanations, but just because it’s a bloody marvellous song, here’s this week’s Song of the Week, Be Together by Major Lazer.


Friday, July 21st, 2017

Do you feel cold and lost in desperation?
You build up hope, but failure’s all you’ve known
Remember all the sadness and frustration
And let it go
Let it go

I’m absolutely devastated about Chester Bennington. I cannot process this at present. Linkin Park was a big part of my life at a point when everything fell apart. It’s partly because Hybrid Theory that I’m here today. Jesus this hurts.

Song of the Week – Come Undone

Saturday, April 29th, 2017

I usually have a good backstory on my picks for the song of the week. This time I don’t. I can only remember that the first time I heard this song, I was overwhelmed by it. It was like a punch to the chest, or a dull knife to your skin. It hurt so much I think I cried. I’m sure I cried the next few times tho. And I’ve cried a lot of times listening to this song. The hurt tho, it’s not a bad one, not anymore.

Around when this song was published and put in rotation on MTV, there were some god-awful times going on in my life. Or maybe I’m just associating it with those god-awful times, because I used to listen to this to distract myself from the acute pain and focus on the pain the song was giving.

I do remember having this song taped (we had MTV through cable and somehow through our radio and i can’t figure out how, but it wasn’t like everything on tv was going through there, no, maybe it was an official broadcast? fuck if i know) on a red and black Maxwell tape, 60 minutes one. It was Ordinary World and Come Undone from a short bit called 3 from 1 and I cannot for the life of me remember what the third one was, but obviously I didn’t like it, because I didn’t record it. But there it was and I played both of the songs so many times I think the tape eventually wore out.

I forgot all about the song for years, really, until I heard it on a radio again like maybe six years ago. And felt the same pain I did before. Only this time it was laced with that dusty, grey layer of something that is not quite nostalgia, but something akin. Maybe a longing for the olden days, where you think everything in the world was better. And it really was. But just not with you.

Song of the week, after so many weeks it’s embarrassing, Duran Duran – Come Undone.