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Shit on Sundays – musical asks cont.

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

31. a song you wish your parents didn’t know the words to I don’t really think I’m of that age anymore.
32. a song whose lyrics shocked you once you were old enough to understand them This has nothing to do with age in my case, I never pay attention to words the first few times I hear a song. But yea, I was quite amused (not shocked really) when I realised what the lyrics to Britney Spears’s Touch of My Hand (yes, i’m that thick the title really says it all, doesn’t it? lol) were. I quite like that song, still.
33. a song you have ZERO patience for It’s basically every song from a Finnish band called Mamba. Kids, don’t try it.
34. a song you’d like your favorite artist to cover Oh wow. Maybe Sound of Silence? And in case you were wondering, it would be by U2.
35. a great song you discovered thanks to a movie It’s a cover, Running up that Hill by Track & Field. It’s a long story, but let’s just say it’s to do with Avengers.
36. a great song you discovered thanks to television Does Netflix series count as television? Yea it does. Kettering by The Antlers and Sense8.
37. a song you’re ashamed to have in your music library Journey – Separate Ways.
38. ok what’s the song you were too ashamed to even post for #37 Nickelback – Photograph
39. the most played song in your music library Hold on let me check lastfm… Unsurprisingly Simple Minds – Bittersweet. That song is like crack to me.
40. favorite disney song Shocking reveal: I don’t really know Disney songs. Yea I know, truly shocking. Can You feel the Love Tonight, maybe? Oh no wait! The one that the mice sing in Cinderella, the original one, you know.

Shit on Sundays – music cont.

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

21. a song that you could SLAY at karaoke Caravan by Kitaro & Pages. Like you wouldn’t fucken believe.
22. a song you can’t help but dance to Sexyback by Justin Timberlake. Literally everywhere I happen to be when this comes on.
23. a song that makes you want to dance on a table Moon Kuu by Timi Lexicon (a finnish rap artist)
24. a song that makes you wanna STRIP Justify My Love by Madonna. That song is just pure porn.
25. a song with a great music video California Love by Dre and who ever there was. But yeah, that.
26. a song that makes you act out the music video when you hear it Who Do You Think You Are by Spice Girls.
27. a song with counting Vertigo by U2. Uno, dos, tres, catorce!
28. a song with spelling Shopping by Pet Shop Boys. Look at me, 80’s kid!
29. a song with lots of clapping Never Leave You by Lumidee. Jesus that song has some serious beats.
30. a song 40 years older than you Like my age + 40 years? Jesus. Jeepers Creepers by Johnny Mercer. This is literally the only one I could recognize because I had to google and oh lordy I am so old.

About George Michael

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

When I was something around ten years, we got a big stereo system, the kind that everyone wanted in the golden age of everything, the 80’s. Along with it came a selection of cd’s, because hey, cd’s were breaking in here in Finland at that time, so they wanted to sell cd players and you know the drill. One of those albums was Wham’s greatest hits or something, I can’t remember for the life of me what album it was or if it indeed was some compilation unknown to mankind in anywhere else except Finland. I’m guessing my sister has the album still? Probably, can’t see my dad having it. Mom maybe. Hmm. But I digress.

I was in that point of my life that I loved cartoons (and Miles Davis, but let’s not get into that) more than pop music. But in that album was a song I liked, The Edge of Heaven. It’s possibly the only Wham! song I can listen to without having to grind my teeth in agony (yes, people, this includes Careless Whisper and Last Christmas too, i do not like either of them). I remember liking that one, but not much else on that album.

Then I got a little older and we got MTV (which was still a proper music channel, pay attention kids, this was true for several years in the 90’s). I heard Faith, but I wasn’t much into it. Instead, Father Figure was an excellent song that gave me proper chills right from the start, even if I was a wee nipper, sorta. I truly learned to value that song when I was about 13 or maybe 14, when the Puberty™ hit and I started to write shit. Particularly I loved -and still love with all my heart- is the bridge bit or C-part, whatever you want to call it, the one where it goes “If you are the desert – I’ll be the sea, if you ever hunger – hunger for me, whatever you ask for that’s what I’ll be. So when you remember the ones who have lied, who said that they cared but then laughed as you cried, beautiful darling, don’t think of me because all I ever wanted, it’s in your eyes baby, baby and love can’t lie, no. Greet me with the eyes of a child. My love is always telling me so. Heaven is a kiss and a smile.” That bit. My word. It’s brilliant, marvellous, everything.

I thought for the longest time my favourite album of George’s was the next one, Listen Without Prejudice Pt. 1, mostly because I listened (and watched, holy shit but was that video amazing all those beautiful women damn the 90’s was the shit) to Freedom and Praying for Time way too much. Turns out, I’ve found this out later on, maybe as late as on the dreadful day of December 25th of the last (bugger of a ) year, 2016, when George died and everyone and their budgies started posting videos on Facebook, that indeed my favourite album all in all is Older.

Older, mate, that album. There are so many good songs. I remember the MTV EMA’s of ’96, Star People and that motherfucking mirrorball clown car. That was the suavest shit I’d ever laid my eyes upon, and this coming from a person who’d seen every goddamn episode of Miami Vice. Fastlove? That was basically my life at that time, all for fast love, me. It just hit home so fucking hard it’s not even funny. Then there is Jesus to a Child, so chillingly beautiful I suspect I can never listen to it without breaking apart a little, I mean have you fucking heard it? The lyrics? Strangest Thing, the song that has such an unreal vibe to it. Spinning the Wheel… Oh man. I could go on for probably about a decade.

I’ve also liked his later works, Outside and I sort of think I’m the only one on planet Earth that actually likes Freeek!. The latest song of his I’ve found exceptional, was White Light.

So, I was never the biggest fan and I probably wouldn’t recognize a lot of his songs from the get go (surely after he starts singing), but I was a casual fan, who appreciated his music a lot. I’m very sorry that he had to suffer depression and I do think it might have been what ultimately caused his untimely death.

George, I will miss you dearly.

Shit on Sundays – Music cont.

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

11. something you’d give ANYTHING to hear performed live Love is Blindness by U2
12. a song by an artist who’s from where you’re from (town/city/state/country) Broken by Sonata Arctica
13. a song made suddenly precious because of a special someone Dice by Finlay Quaye
14. a song made suddenly awful because of a special someone I’m sorry I really can’t think of one
15. something to BELT SHAMELESSLY/do DIVA HANDS to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
16. something to SCREAM ALONG to What a Day by Faith No More
17. a song for raging this is a bit of a cliché, but Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit
18. a song that demands lipsyncing into a makeshift microphone Diamonds by Rihanna
19. the last song you had stuck in your head Offer Your Light by Devin Townsend Project
20. a song you’re dying to master all the words to Dust in the Wind by Kansas, I can’t seem to remember the words no matter how hard I try

Shit on Sundays: Music pt.1

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

1. a song from the year you were born: Kansas – Dust in The Wind, love this song.
2. a song that reminds you of school: Manic Street Preachers – Tsunami, we listened to this a lot with Juk in tech school.
3. a song tied to a specific moment in your life: Keane – Everybody’s Changing, me, my sister and Juk listened to this when hauling shit to the landfill and sang along and everything was perfect.
4. a song that is not sung in your native language: Zeljko Joksimovic – Lane Moje, a hauntingly beautiful Serbian ballad sung by a man with a voice that sounds like what a fresh tobacco smells like.
5. a song over 5 minutes long: Simple Minds – Hypnotized, the most erotic song ever.
6. a song under 2 minutes long: I don’t recall any. D:
7. an instrumental: Daft Punk – Solar Sailer from TRON: Legacy, this is just … magnificent.
8. a classical piece: Anything by Mahler. I like classical when it’s supposed to be played LOUD AF.
9. a song with no percussion: Disturbed – The Sound of Silence, this is a bloody brill cover, just amazing.(ok it has a little tiny teeny bit at the end but not a full blown thing like they’re a rock band and it’s only like little so eat it)
10. something you’ve heard performed live: U2 – Ultra Violet and I’m SO glad I’ve witnessed this.