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Shit on Sundays – Music cont.

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

11. something you’d give ANYTHING to hear performed live Love is Blindness by U2
12. a song by an artist who’s from where you’re from (town/city/state/country) Broken by Sonata Arctica
13. a song made suddenly precious because of a special someone Dice by Finlay Quaye
14. a song made suddenly awful because of a special someone I’m sorry I really can’t think of one
15. something to BELT SHAMELESSLY/do DIVA HANDS to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
16. something to SCREAM ALONG to What a Day by Faith No More
17. a song for raging this is a bit of a cliché, but Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit
18. a song that demands lipsyncing into a makeshift microphone Diamonds by Rihanna
19. the last song you had stuck in your head Offer Your Light by Devin Townsend Project
20. a song you’re dying to master all the words to Dust in the Wind by Kansas, I can’t seem to remember the words no matter how hard I try

Shit on Sundays: Music pt.1

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016

1. a song from the year you were born: Kansas – Dust in The Wind, love this song.
2. a song that reminds you of school: Manic Street Preachers – Tsunami, we listened to this a lot with Juk in tech school.
3. a song tied to a specific moment in your life: Keane – Everybody’s Changing, me, my sister and Juk listened to this when hauling shit to the landfill and sang along and everything was perfect.
4. a song that is not sung in your native language: Zeljko Joksimovic – Lane Moje, a hauntingly beautiful Serbian ballad sung by a man with a voice that sounds like what a fresh tobacco smells like.
5. a song over 5 minutes long: Simple Minds – Hypnotized, the most erotic song ever.
6. a song under 2 minutes long: I don’t recall any. D:
7. an instrumental: Daft Punk – Solar Sailer from TRON: Legacy, this is just … magnificent.
8. a classical piece: Anything by Mahler. I like classical when it’s supposed to be played LOUD AF.
9. a song with no percussion: Disturbed – The Sound of Silence, this is a bloody brill cover, just amazing.(ok it has a little tiny teeny bit at the end but not a full blown thing like they’re a rock band and it’s only like little so eat it)
10. something you’ve heard performed live: U2 – Ultra Violet and I’m SO glad I’ve witnessed this.

Song of The Week – Stay

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

This song is my favourite one from the album Zooropa.

It is to me a perfect song for night driving, you know those hazy early hours of day, just when the dawn is breaking. You’re driving home, finally, after a long night and the sun is showing signs of peeking over the horizon. It’s the one song I return to, when I’m feeling a bit lost. It’s gives me ground to grab onto when disassociating. It gives me hope, like so many U2 songs.

Lately I’ve been feeling a lot better after the horrible end of last year and this song has been a big part of it. And it’s worth to say that I also love the video.

That’s why U2’s Stay (Faraway, So Close) is song of the week.

Song of The Week – On A Night Like This

Saturday, February 20th, 2016

When I was a tad over twenty, you know, that time in a person’s life when you feel you can accomplish anything and everything in life is a big adventure. You don’t really feel the need to sleep (or maybe it was just the mania talking), because all it takes for a good night’s sleep is to stand and look fifteen minutes into a dark closet.

In that time, me and my bezzie Tinttu, we basically lived in her car, a light blue Toyota Carina. No seriously, my mom used to joke that I should redirect my mail to that car, because we were in it a lot. A. LOT. We drove around from morning til noon til afternoon til evening and through the night. I think we racked up something around 25 000 km during the spring of 2001. So in short: a whole fucking lot. During the weekends we used to cart around a good number of people to and from bars, but mainly really our two best boys. They could always count on a safe ride home no matter what the time or date or their condition. We would be there to pick them up, haul their asses to chippie and then home, after a while.

Of course when you spend that much time in a car, you get bored with the radiostations playing the same crappy songs over and over. So we made a mix tape, or in this case a mix cd, filled with only good songs we wouldn’t get bored with, playing the same damn cd over and over again. And in that cd was this song, amongst many others.

This song really represents a time in my life when the road ahead was wide open and I had no clue where it would take me. All I knew was where ever it was taking me, it would be awesome and exciting and I would have these people with me, they would have my back, no matter what.

And you know what? I still have two of them. They’ve been through thick and thin and they still have my back, no matter what. So this one’s for you, ms. Carina Two-Thousand-One and mr. Awkward Two-Thousand-Forever. I love you guys.

Life saver

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

I was supposed to be telling you (three) a different story alltogether, but this is more urgent.

It’s been at least a few months since I’ve last told you how much U2 means to me. It’s a story told seven trillion times, but it’s relevant again. When I’m having tough times U2 appears, always, until the end of time, to make me understand that living is a viable option.

I can’t tell you how many nights in my twenties I spent lying on the floor crying, trying to hold on to the rug with both hands just to feel something other than crushing pain, trying to feel connected to the world, trying not to just fade away. And in the darkest of hours, there was U2, there was Achtung Baby. And there was Bono.

Telling me to take the cup, to fill it up and to drink it slow, because neither of us could let the other go. Telling me over and over and over again, to light his way (baby, baby, baby). Calling out to me with the same desperation I was calling out to him. And even if I was only holding on to the cliff with one finger anymore, tired of everything, of it all, ready to let go, he would be there with his ‘love, love love’, and I knew I had to hold on. For just a bit longer.

Because it’s always darkest before dawn and the dawn was coming. He promised me that.

And I believed it.

I still believe it.