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Monday, October 7th, 2013

My birthday (and Johnnie‘s also, but that’s another story. me loving Johnnie that is. and us being birthday twins and how he ended up being my gay boyfriend) is coming up in less than two weeks and I need to sort out what I want to offer the guests. Providing there’ll be any. But still. I know my mom and the in-laws will make an appearance at least. Hoping that my one friend too, and my squish. But not sure.

So anyway, I am thinking of making a giant Reese’s peanut butter cup and/or chocolate chip cookie brownies. Or then again I might opt to make a cheesecake, since cheesecake is the best, I know how to make it, it will be good no matter what and I haven’t had cheesecake in a good while. There is however the fact that I would like to try something new. Oh the problems in my life.

I also need to make something savoury. On which I have absolutely no idea what. And I cannot for the life of me concentrate on anything for longer than like 17 seconds. So it kinda sucks.

I think I will just bake a few trays of choc chip cookies and store them so I’ll at least have those to put on the table, if I can’t get anything else done.

Adventures in Cooking, Pt. 25453

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

You know, I cannot fathom potatoes. I mean, why are they again? Sure enough, I appreciate the taste of mashed potatoes and potatoes fried in a pan (not to be confused with the phenomena called “french fries”, because french fries these days have little to none to do with potatoes), but honestly, plain boiled potatoes?

It takes a bloody big effort to make edible food out of potatoes to begin with. You peel them, then you slice/cube/cut-in-wanted-manor them and then you most likely boil them, which in turn takes weeks. And you end up with hands that are covered with starch and have to be washed with a lot of soap and a near-boiling water. And then in a nutritional sense you end up with a thing that doesn’t taste like anything and isn’t that nice to chew on.

I hate potatoes mostly because I’ve had my share of accidents with them. I once cut my hand so badly cutting a raw potato that the woman behind the counter in the local drug store almost fainted. And there are the proverbial elementary school SURPRISE!!!1 -potatoes. You know, the kinds that seem to be wrapped in a potato coloured rubber skin and once you penetrate that membrane you end up with a half-centimetre thick edible part which in turn covers the pitch black inedible, unspeakable horrible something in the middle of the thing.

And just now I managed to defy laws of gravity by accidentally tossing a potato in such a way that even the masters of snooker couldn’t imagine. I suppose it didn’t want to be cut, since it tried to dodge the blade by slipping from my hand with a speed that I assume just barely didn’t break the sound barrier (if it did, people of The Hill, i apologize for my fleeing tater). It went from the point marked with a black X to the wall, bounced up on the stove, ricocheted to the side of the fridge and bounced by the oven handle to the floor. Thus:

Honestly, I was so dumbfounded by the Amazing Travels of the EverPopular Potato that it took me like a minute to even manage a O_O .

Naturally our floors are always in such a clean condition, that I merely pulled up an “oh bugger “-face, rinsed the potato and brutally murdered it. It will (hopefully) become a part of mashed potatoes and fishsticks. And I just remembered that there is a now probably mummified piece of another adventurous potato under the dishwasher.

And that is why I hate potatoes.

The cake was indeed not a lie

Monday, July 25th, 2011

I managed to make the cake and also freeze it like it was supposed to be frozen. And to add to the feeling of success!!1 I managed not to drop it on the floor at any point.

This is what is was supposed to look like (in case you’ve forgotten and cannot be arsed to scroll down a bit):

And here’s how it turned out to look like:

I’m hardly going to be a proper baker. *le sigh* But everyone said it tasted lovely. Maybe they were being polite, since I thought it was way too whipped-creamy and way too little orangey.

ps. People of Norway: you are one of us, you know, Scandinavian. Please try to cope at this horrible time. 🙁

The cake might be a lie

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Hubby will be starting his summer holiday on this Friday. I presented him with a book I bought from the flea market. The book has a variety of relatively simple recipes for everything CHOCOLATEY!!11

Me: Pick a recipe and I will make it to celebrate your holiday. (because c’mon, any excuse for a little chocolatey goodness is good enough for me)

Hubby: *flipping through pages* Ok this one.

That is a frozen chocolate-orange cake. And that is a picture of what it’s supposed to be looking like. Now given my record on baking, I doubt it will look that nice. I won’t know until Friday. I did bake the actual cake part just now, and it went surprisingly well (at least it looks like that) even tho I had to call mom and ask her how much a typical cake batter will actually rise when in oven. (turns out i had too big of a pan for the amount of ingredients. so i had to make batch #2. luckily i called before sticking the pan into the oven and thus evading the Pending Catastrophe. that’s a first. and besides, double the batter=double the cake and that is never a bad thing. except if the cake turns out to taste horrible.)

So I’m now moving on to possibly the hardest part of making a layered cake. The Splitting of The Cake. Surely this is where I’ll bollocks the whole thing up. If you hear loud swearing, it’s just me.

I’ll put up a picture on Friday so that we can compare the what it’s supposed to look like -picture and the this is how it turned out to look like (sadly) -picture of the actual cake.

Edited: I’ve put the cake in the freezer. Everything went alarmingly well, so I bet the cake ends up tasting something abominable. D: