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Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

I reached a milestone, or rather a goal on my running yesterday. When I started my running program and got so far as to actually believing I could run more than ten minutes without dying, I set a few goals for myself: to run for an hour and to run around the whole path I do my runs.

I reached the one hour goal about a month ago. It was a wonderful feeling. Then there were a lot of one hour runs and then the heatwave set in and I all but abandoned running for two weeks.

Yesterday the air had cooled down a bit due to very many consecutive thunderstorms in a few days so I went for a run and managed the second, final goal. I ran around the whole track. It took me one hour an 13 minutes, including the six minutes of walking before and after, so I did the seven kilometer track in one hour and one minute. I was rather surprised that it didn’t take longer, because I thought the route I’ve taken in the one hour runs was shorter. I guess not so much then.

My thighs hurt a bit but mate I’m so proud of myself. Up until the halfway point I kept telling myself I’m ok if I run as far as I can, seeing that I had ran so little during the past two weeks. After that I kept telling myself I’d never have to do this again if I didn’t want to. So I ran and I made it.

I think I will try it again, even tho I didn’t think I would. But that was yesterday and I was pretty knacked after I came home, so.

Yay me!

Season opening

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Lately I’ve been a bit busy. And when I say a bit, I mean a lot.

I’ve started my running season with my new shoes and the 5K Runner app on my phone. I’ve had the first run with it and whilst I’m super doubtful that I could ever run 5 kilometers at once, I’m giving it a go. Shoes seem to be excellent, didn’t feel like blistering at all! This is a massive improvement to earlier shoes, which have caused me at least one blister per foot the first time I took them out. I have to see how it goes with another run, but so far it looks good.

However, as I’ve started the running, I’ve encountered a bit of a problem. You see, I go to combat and step three times a week (once to step and twice to combat), three times to the gym and I need to clock three times a week on the running app. Also, I would like to have a day off, completely. Last time I counted there were seven days in a week, and with the day off, only six left to my exercises. So I guess I have to combine gym and running days. I mean both step and combat are such gruesome workouts I absolutely cannot have anything else on the same day.

Phew, we’ll see how this all fits in. I mean I have to get my weight down and the scale seems to love what I’m doing, so…

Fight it out

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016

Couple of years ago, when I was in my most fit, I used to go to Les Mills BodyCombat once a week and once a week to Les Mills BodyStep. Everytime after Combat I got this feeling. And that feeling is coming back now that I’ve been going a few times.

It’s a feeling that I can do absolutely anything, like I’m ready to conquer the world. I remember when I went to Combat and husband went to gym with his mate, I came out from the class and made angry faces at them, grinning and growling. I wanted to fight whatever obstacle was infront of me, preventing me from achieving my goals. I love that feeling and I’m so glad it’s coming back, because it keeps me going back, to fight out my anger and fustration towards myself. Mostly for being a lazy, lard-ass bitch who cannot be arsed to go out for even a walk.

I’m going to take this seriously this time. I’ve got my brain sorted with the pills, so now’s the time to sort out my body. I’m the only thing standing between me and the body I want to have. I can do this.

I fucking CAN.


Friday, February 12th, 2016

I have renewed my gym membership after almost two years. Yay me! The reason why I initially stopped going was not lack of interest (well it was partly) but being pregnant and knowing that after the spawn was born, I would have zero possibilites to go. Because I would’ve had to go by my own and that’s not happening.

I mean I can go to the gym alone, but it has to be after I’ve established a routine. Like now, the girlfriend of my husband’s gym buddy goes with me. After a few times it’ll become ok for me to go alone, if we can’t for some reason match our calendars.

This time I’m taking things a bit more seriously when it comes to training. Mostly because I realise that not only am I in terrible shape, but also because I’m not getting younger and the further away I push my getting in shape, the harder it becomes and let’s face it: I’m a perfect candidate for diabetes II and all kinds of lesser but nastier evils, like knees buckling and what have you’s.

I’ve gotten a training schedule from a personal trainer and -of course- since I love notebooks and all that, I’ve made myself a training logbook.

look how pretty it is

So now I’m officially a fitness bird who roams around the gym with a water bottle (i have a hello kitty one) and a notebook. 😀 This can’t go wrong, I’m sure of it.

New mantra

Sunday, October 25th, 2015

I am in the ever-lasting process of trying to get into a better shape and lately I’ve been lacking motivation. I was supposed to lose a lot more weight this month and I was supposed to get a ton more exercise done. ‘There’s still a week left’, you say ‘of October, so you’re not entirely fucked’.

Not entirely, no, but I feel bad about myself, because I haven’t met my goals. This will mean, quite possibly, not meeting my bigger, long term goals and then I’m gonna hate myself even more.

But I read an article written by one of my heroes, Wil Wheaton. He’s only a couple of years older than I am and also suffers from somewhat crippling mental illness. The article deals with a lot of things I’ve lately fought with and you all should go read it. It got me motivated and from now on, I will work towards my goals and tell myself this:

I deserve to be happy. I deserve to feel good about myself. I can do the work that I need to do to accomplish these things.

I will succeed.