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Song of The Week – Come Tomorrow

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

I’ve told you before, on probably many occasions, how I see music in colours and images. Well, Chicane’s Come Tomorrow is one of those songs that paint a very definitive image on my mind.

There’s a city, surrounded by a wall, in the middle of a desert. It’s gone through some apocalyptic shit, the buildings have only a few windows that are not smashed in, the ripped curtains flowing in the harsh desert wind. There are burned cars all around, dead people rotting under the burning sun. There are two people, a man and a woman, in smeared, blood-stained clothes, guns on their backs, walking out of the city, hand in hand. At the gate they look back at the city, then at eachother and then to the vast desert ahead of them. The wind is blowing, their ripped clothes flowing with it.

I feel there’s a story there, I feel like I know these people. I know they’ve been through all hell and back before reaching the gate and starting their journey across the desert. I know they have some dark tales to tell, about the city and about the monster that used to run things there.

I’m just waiting for them to tell me.

Song of The Week – Bittersweet

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

When Simple Minds’ newest album Big Music came out in late October/early November last year, it was great. There’s a full blown rant about it here, in case you are interested and haven’t already grasped the effect the album had in me. I loved the first single and I was really pumped about hearing the whole album and also the deluxe edition with a few more songs on it, like Liaison.

And Bittersweet.

I heard it and immediately fell in love with it. There’s the thumping rhythm making the song go forward, there’s haunting synths, there’s the guitar and there’s the Kerr’s voice telling me how it’s sweet, sweet love. All that I ever dreamed of.

It quickly became a song in my go-to playlist for writing, played a fantastillion times and then some. It sounds like obsession and unhealthy stalkerish, paranoid, hot sweaty sex. It’s all the things I need for writing and it inspired a layout.

It’s still my obsession, my crack and I need my fix to get high and I love it.

Song of the Week – See Me Feel Me

Saturday, March 7th, 2015

The first Scooter song I heard was in ancient times when Scooter was just starting to be a thing. It was an instrumental piece called Unity without Words and it was on some godforsaken mix album that I bought because I wanted some eurodance to blast in car. I quite liked the song, I like instrumental dance pieces in general.

And then Scooter became a thing and it was everywhere and then a lot of years later I needed some upbeat songs on my playlist to boost me while running. Enter Scooter and See me Feel me. This song just gives me so much energy that I feel like I can run for miles and miles (usually a five mile run tho).

I have no idea what it is about this particular Scooter song that makes me like it so much, but I do. And because I need all the energy I can get so I can be arsed to go on a run, I need to make this brief and just leave you with this week’s song. See Me Feel Me by Scooter.

Song of The Week – Heartland

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

I can’t remember for the life of me when I bought my copy of Rattle and Hum. It was after Achtung Baby, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy what I thought was essentially a live album. Mind you, I wasn’t a die hard fan until PoP was released.

Eventually I did buy it and listened to it and the one song that instantly gained power play from me was Heartland. It’s a song that paints a picture infront of you immediately. It’s like looking through a car window and seeing monumental landscapes pass by. I remember that’s how the song was written and it truly delivers that vibe.

Now, I’ve never been much of a lyrics listener, but with this song they are an integral part of the landscape. Ghostranch hills (where i got my second domain name), Death Valley waters, towers of steel. There’s a landscape that is gruesome, yet beautiful and then you have the delta sun, burning bright and violent.

There have been people who have asked me if I’m in music video business, because I have such strong visions of songs. I’m not. But I should be. Or I should be selecting music for films. Heartland would be the theme song in a Mad Max -type apocalyptic film, where the hero is looking for his fate, traveling through battle-torn country.

But it’s not only the picture the song paints, it’s the feeling of overwhelming loss and hope that springs even when everything seems hopeless. When the song opens, it’s harsh, sad, hopeless, and then, when “dawn changes everything, everything” there is hope, there is the beam of sunlight after devastating storm, the light after a night of terror.

There is dawn that changes everything.

And that’s why Heartland by U2 is song of the week.

Song of the Week – Wind of Change

Saturday, February 21st, 2015

Born in late seventies, I wasn’t too old when the Berlin Wall went down. Aged 12 I was however old enough to feel the significance of it and old enough to realise that it really was an end to an era. Before that, everything in the world had seemed simple: the enemy always came from the East, the Soviet Union.

When Wind of Change begun it’s rotation on MTV, the channel that was then the actual voice of youth, I was 13, starting to feel my careless childhood turning into an age of permanent confusion: teens. At the same time the world around me changed, sort of mirroring my own transformation. While the world at first seemed full of hope, when the Iron Curtain broke, it soon turned into shit with the war in Yugoslavia. And in my life there was an age of innocence and hope that turned to shit with some events that I’m not getting into publically, ever. During these events, Wind of Change was playing everywhere, connecting me to the events in the world.

I haven’t gotten bored of the song, even after all these years. I don’t play it often, if ever, but sometimes it comes on the radio and I’m not ashamed to admit, I still get a bit misty eyed when the whistled intro comes on. This song is just such important part of my early teenage years and one of the reasons I got to be so interested in what happens in the world.

That’s why Wind of Change by Scorpions is this weeks song.