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Saturday, July 23rd, 2016

We’ve been hit by a heatwave. The temperatures have been around 25 degrees for a week now and it’s about to get hotter next week.

Now, I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but over her it is. We’re at latitude 66 north and the usual temperatures during July are 18-20. So yea, it’s a heatwave.

I don’t mind, on the contrary I’m loving this. This is what I dream about during the freezing months of January and February, so I’m making the most of it. The only thing I’m not doing at these temperatures is running. Fattie here will have a cardic event. So you gotta be merciful towards yourself at times.

State of the Nation: June

Sunday, June 26th, 2016

I’m terrible at blogging regularly. But you (three) already know this, so I’m not wasting any time being bothered about that.

During the still ongoing month of June I have been

-watching a lot of footie (it’s the Euro 2016 and i’m here for England and if they fuck up then Germany)

-running. Not around like a decapitated hen, but like, exercise run. A lot. I completed the 5K Runner app’s eight week course and while I couldn’t make it to 5K in 35 minutes, I managed to run the 35 minutes (and later more) straight and if that’s not an achievement for someone like me, who used to run just across the road but only if it was due to not getting ran over by a car, then I don’t know what is. So in short, I’m very pleased with myself for actually getting back into running. Properly.

-running. Around like a decapitated hen. I know I said I haven’t, but I sort of have. Everything is sometimes just so hectic and I can’t seem to get a hold of moments. Everything just sort of … happens. At a quick pace. I should try to get into meditation and mindfulness and yoga. I’m not the most flexible person ever, but mate was I present at classes. So yeah, yoga.

-roadtripping. I went to southern Finland with the husband in the beginning of the month. We left B in the care of grandparents and fucked off to my mates housewarming do. It was a nice trip, apart from the fact that I got some sort of stomach bug that eventually ended up doing rounds on everyone. Ever. Ew.

What I should’ve been doing and haven’t is

-going to the gym. The gym has always been my enemy in the sense that I rarely can be arsed to go, especially alone. I don’t feel like it’s hard enough of an exercise to me (shut up, i know i could be doing things with more weights) so I’ve sort of … not gone. I should and I’m determined to start again next week.

-crafting. Mate I bought a sewing machine and I’ve not used it in over a month! I keep burning my fingers carrying around my London Zoo keep cup when I should’ve done the tea cozy I’ve been planning to do for -you guessed it!- over a month. Argh. Also I’ve not made a single card or any other craft even tho I moved all my shit downstairs so I’d get shit done.

-eating less. I’ve fallen back into my old habits of eating basically everything I can catch. I’m starting a food journal tomorrow to where I will write down everything I eat in detail, so I can feel properly bad about every extra slice of cheese I have. I need to get my weight loss back in track. It’s my health we’re talking about, not just vanity.

I’ve been feeling quite alright mentally, mostly I suspect because a) it’s summer and I always feel better during summer because it’s, well, summer, b) because I’ve been motorbiking, which is still my favourite thing to do ever and c) the looney pills that keep me from going psychotic.

That’s about it. I’m hoping we’ll see eachother a bit more regularly, but I can’t promise you anything. I just hope that you (two by the time we got this far) stay true to me and my irregular blogging habits.


Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

This week I’ve mainly been proud of myself. I’ve excercised properly in six days and tomorrow’s my day off. I’m going to try and keep this pace up for the month of April and see how I feel about it then. I’ll probably start running then too. I’ve got myself the 5K Runner app and yesterday I bought myself shiny new running shoes!

look how pretty they are

I’ve also been nearly three months without my two favourite things in the world: sweets and chips (mmm chips i’d fucking murder for some). I’m more proud actually about the chips thing, because they’re like my absolute favourite food. I’ve not eaten any bisuits or cake or really any pud this week and I intend to keep things at that. I don’t need any of those, they’re only excess sugar and fat. Which I REALLY don’t need if I want to be in better shape.

Also I got my order from the lovely Kikki.K! Yay! I got the wellness planner inserts and I’ve been setting myself some exercise goals. It’s super fun! There are also some mindfulness and mental health things that I need to get into a whole lot more, like meditation and mind & soul goals. Everything fits nicely into the large teal Kikki.K planner I switched to (i’m so sorry filofax domino, i haven’t forgotten you, i’m just giving you a break for a bit). Here’s the new dashboard.

look how pretty it is

I also ordered a dashboard kit and I’m liking that a lot. With the birds and the quote cards and the stickers. Mmm yes. I might be a little tempted to ditch my pocket size filofax from my bag (which i made myself) and go with the personal sized. I’m just so full of energy I feel like I could actually be arsed to decorate two planners for each week. Here’s the bag I made:

i actually made this myself

I haven’t been sewing anything, literally, since grade eight. Or nine. But whichever, it’s been twenty years and I’m honestly quite proud of myself. I showed it to mom, who’s like this sewing superwoman and she said it’s not too shabby. So yay me! I’m going to make another one, a little bigger one, since I have a lot of the fabric left. I like the colours in that so much and it goes with the saggy sorry ass cardie I wear these days (yay it’s warm enough to wear only a cardie outside!).

I’m trying to come up with a new layout (well, a complete makeover really) for Handmade, since I want to make it more professional looking just in case. Just in case. Hmmh. Yea.

That’s about it for today. Thanks for hanging around here, even tho you really should be outside enjoying the spring.


Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

Ho ho holy shit it’s almost Christmas.

This year I’ve been feeling christmas-y a lot more than last year. I will, no doubt end up wanting to drink myself nicer come the actual few days, but until that, I’m putting up our miniature tree and throwing all kinds of decorations up. Just in case.

I missed my special Swedish meth prince snowflake’s birthday post over here, because I’m a lazy grump. Nevertheless, happy belated, Joel Kinnaman, I wish our paths cross so I can tell you how disgustingly beautiful you are. (and you can look me strangely and then fall in love with me and i can leave you in agony)

We had snow today, and it might stick. (hopefully not)

That’s about all I have for now. I’m off to write some more. I’ve been working on this deliciously dirty one shot about a certain mr. Farrell and if I’m not wrong about myself, it will actually turn out to be a little more than just a one shot, but hell, a girl can dream, right?

I will keep all (two) of you updated on how my chrismas decorations and bakings and what-nots are coming up. So do fear.