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School & planning

Tuesday, August 9th, 2016

As you may well know I have been unemployed for a decent while now. It’s really hard to find a job where I live. This is a small town with relatively high unemployment percentage, so basically anywhere you apply, there are about a hundred other applicants who are not necessarily better qualified, but have better job resume than I.

So I applied to study another degree and I got in! School starts at the end of this month and I am surprisingly excited about it. I’m going to be a mining engineer by the end of 2017, if all goes well. I’ve already bought myself a new bag for the school and will buy some stationary too. I’ve also browsed for new planner inserts for 2017 (yes i know i’m early) because I’m a terrible planner addict and also I feel like I want to buy something.

I’m probably going to wait until like October with the new inserts so I can see all the things Kikki.K will have to offer (love their inserts and products!) and also if Filofax puts up something new. They already have 2017 inserts available, and I’ve been thinking if I should try my hand on the daily inserts. Mainly to keep track of my eating and excercising. I mean I could do it just by logging everything down on the weekly view but that will undoubtedly make the weekly pages messy. And I’ve got school things like deadlines and all to keep track. So I think I might be able to utilize the daily pages as well.

To do that I might have to get rid of some of the other inserts I have now, because my planner would be too bulky with the daily inserts and all. I have now the Kikki.K Wellness planner inserts to keep track of my excercises, but they’ll run out by November, no matter how hard I try. So that would free up some space. And I wouldn’t have to keep all year of everything in the planner at once. Maybe the monthly pages for the whole year, but three months worth of weekly would suffice. And maybe a month of dailies.

I don’t know. I’m just very excited to start going to school again. I hope everything works out fine and I’ll be graduating in time.

Wish me luck!

Bullet journal

Thursday, March 10th, 2016

I’m such a ho for planners and planning, that I decided to try my hand on the current rage, the bullet journal.

I’m not giving up my trusted Filofax Domino A5, not in a million years, but I will try my hand on the BuJo for a period. I’m not sure I’m all for rapid journaling, but we’ll see.

I like the simplicity of it as a thought, but on the other hand I love how my planner looks like in a normal week.

my weeks look like this a lot

What I love about the idea of bullet journaling is that I can use black wax-covered notebooks that I love. I have those for everything. I don’t even know why I love them so much, but they just appeal to me. Much more than any hard cover notebooks of which I have (too) many of. Lord I should just dig up my stash of notebooks and scare even myself. I’m just obsessivily buying them, I don’t even know what I will use them for, but I just hoard them. I thought that making a planner combination suitable for me would reduce the amount of notebooks I think I need. Rubbish. I still have a stack on my desk, each one for a specific thing.

travel planning, writers notebook, gym things, the aforementioned bullet journal…

And because I’m a planner addict, here’s a pic of my babies.

I’m not using all of them, mainly the top one (Filofax Butterflies in pocket size) and the bottom one (Filofax Domino A5). The ones in between are large Kikki.K Teal, medium Kikki.K Perforated Leather, medium Kikki.K Make the Most of Every Day and a pocket size planner by Finnish company Ajasto.

But yeah, bullet journaling. I’ve already gone and bollocks’d up the month concept.

I’m not even sorry, because it’s all about flexibility and I need to have that block system for month in order to grasp it. We shall see how I manage with this system. Or rather if I manage at all.

Do you use planners or bullet journal?