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State of the Nation: August 2017 edition

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

It’s been a while since anything moved around these parts. But hey, I’m here and you’re here. Thanks for that, mate.

Right now-ish I’m

enjoying a nice cup of tea after a day of Doing a Lot of Things™, which include digging up stones on the yard, picking raspberries (that i won’t even eat, but mom does) and sorting out our Barbie-stuff from childhood with me sister. The whole lot, two horses and carriage and a kitchen set and a fuckton of other sets are going off to my mate’s kid, for when she turns however old you need to be to know how to properly treat vintage toys.

thinking about how much I’d like to be rummaging through the seemingly endless amount of storage boxes I have that are filled with stuff I probably won’t need. Ever. But then again, it’s nearly midnight and kid’s asleep so I won’t want to bother him. I guess I can get back into that tomorrow or something.

eating fudge. Damnit, I need to check local Lidl tomorrow if they have any more of those.

drinking Tetley tea (brewed for many, many minutes, until weapons-grade strength) from my Mrs. Michael Fassbender -mug

a thing of beauty, innit

wearing army green short shorts and a tank top (two things in life are certain; death and the fact that if you go to sleep in a tank top, one of your titties will be out when you wake up) and knee-high woolly socks, made especially for me by a good mate of mine.

listening Enjoy the Silence by KI Theory. This is… eerie, scary, desperate, good.

wanting for my orders from Kikki.K and Filofax to arrive (not holding my breath about the filofax one as the last one turned into a farce on an unprecedented scale) and also for people to stop being absolute twats. These two things have nothing to do with eachother, just in case anyone was wondering.

feeling somewhat content, if not counting the disgust I feel towards a load of people on social media. Mainly fb. Sticking to twitter and tumblr for a while and covering myself with Fassbender has never seemed a better idea than now.

wondering if I’ll fall asleep tonight in a relatively timely manner. (doubt it, ha-ha! -my brain) Or will I be writing my story in my head for a few hours, like every night for emh… a long time.

Also: weather-wise it’s been ace. It’s really been an uncommonly dry summer over these parts. It rained a lot last night, but before that it’s been… no rain for ages. I mean yea a drizzle or two every now and then, but like a proper, soaking rain? Nuh. I don’t think at all the whole summer? Ground is dry even now, if you dig like a centimeter deep. So yea, dry as fuck. Strange.

And those are the cards I’m playing with right this moment.

State of the Nation – May edition

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

Hey hi hello all you (two).
I thought I had something to say, but I don’t? Hence a collection of things that have happened during my abscense.

-School shit is over for this spring, thank fuck, as I was getting way too stressed with it anyway. Only thing now is to wait for grades. Not really holding my breath as some of the teachers are notoriously bad at getting the grades up before way too late.

-I’ve gotten my motorbike out for this season. Took bloody long enough, I’d say. But it’s been a weird-ass spring anyway. Up until like two weeks ago there was still a shitton of snow on the ground and more pouring from the sky. As of now it looks like it’s not going to snow until autumn. (watch me crash and burn with that)

-I’m not even gonna start with the state of my mental health, because no. Just… no.

-I went to see Song to Song last month. I haven’t said anything about it, because it was shit. Two hours well wasted. I mean, Fassy looked like a fucking god in it, just like Natalie Portman did, but my god it was boring. BOOORINNGGGG. Funny enough, everyone, literally everyone else in the theater agreed with me on that. So yea, time and money completely wasted. The nuts I had were good tho, so meh.

-I went to see Alien: Covenant just the other day (last saturday actually) and that one wasn’t boring. I’m not a huge fan of the Alien franchise and I don’t have any kind of emotional attachement to any of the films, so I can’t say how it was in relation to those, but I have seen Prometheus and I liked that one. I sort of think maybe Prometheus and Covenant shouldn’t be graded as sequels (or indeed in this case) prequels of the Alien films, because they’re more like… I don’t know, spin-offy? Me, as a big fan of entertaining (and perhaps a bit dumb) action films was left a bit underwhelmed by the action bits of Covenant. Yea, it looked good, but like, Xenomorph? not really that scary. I don’t know if it was meant to be scary (it was tagged as a horror film in finland, in addition to sci-fi and suspence i guess) but the film wasn’t really horror. I should know, I hate horror these days. I was honestly more intrigued by the bits where David 8 went on about creation and philosophy. I could’ve watched that way longer. But yea, money well spent, time well spent and also chocolate I ate was good.

-I’m writing, still, despite being not-manic (i don’t honestly know what i am, besides fucked-up), having a bit of a breather from my Main Story at the moment and just revving my gears on an AU, which is more of bits and pieces collection type of thing. I don’t plan it to be a big story, it doesn’t have enough substance for such. But yea, still writing, which is nice.

-I’ve put up my crafting pages, but there’s still a load of crap to upload and write posts about and maybe even get into making something after the loooongest tiiiime ever. I miss having my fingers glued up and covered in glitter. And I sort of miss trying out new shit with my sewing machine. And I sort of have a ton of things saved up on Pinterest, so there’s much to try there too. But I must not stress myself with any of this, because honestly

-I have gotten my running shoes out also, after a long and gruelling winter of not doing much in terms of exercise. I’m in a terrible shape, but I’m leaning (again) on the Couch to 5K -app I have on my phone. I’m currently doing week 3 and I’ll be nicely done by the time we’ll leave for London.

-yea by the way me and husband unit are GOING TO LONDON! yay! I’m meeting up with my pal Adam and just breathing in some nice smoggy air of that shitty town that I love so much. It’s not a long trip, only a couple of days but you gotta take what you can. So yea, London, I will be in you in less than six weeks.

And that’s about it for now.

State of the Nation, mid-April

Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Today I’m feeling sane enough to put at least something down in actual words and not just scream continuously into the void. More on that later, probably, but now:

At this very moment I am

– enjoying a well needed time on my own. Like for fuck’s sake, it’s been weeks since I’ve had the opportunity to just sit down and think about fuck-all if I so choose. Life. I swear to god.

– thinking about the upcoming task of redesigning everything up in here and how to divide shit between and my new baby,, a domain that my lovely hosting company sold me by dangling Fassbender infront of me. I know! Rude! (but i fell for it so good job guys)

– eating a veggie-satay-wok type of thingy. This is so good I think I could literally stuff 5 pounds of this down my face and still crave for more.

– drinking water. Because I need to drink it. I’m not gonna fit into my bike gear if I keep slobbing out like this.

– wearing my pajama pants and a proper, day-wear shirt. Yea, haven’t been able to bother yet. It’s only noon, so…

– listening to a few songs on repeat. Ariana Grande’s Into You for some AU smutty inspiration (you wouldn’t believe… no wait, you would, yea you would), Into the Fire by Thirteen Senses because feels and a Finnish singer-songwriter Lauri Tähkä doing a cover of one of my favourite Finnish songs, Tämä Rakkaus. I mean the original by Chisu hurts like a motherfucker, but this version? On a completely whole another level, it’s fucking devastating.

– wanting to order something online, just to cheer me up a bit, but I (thankfully) end up putting stuff in the cart and then closing the browser window.

– weather-wise it’s looking good this moment. There’s still a fuckton of snow on the ground, but temperature gauge says that won’t be the case for too long.

– feeling fucking messed-up. I mean honestly, seriously, I’m so fucked-up I don’t even have words to describe it. But me being me, when anyone asks, I’ll just go


– wondering why it isn’t possible in Finland to just sign in to a clinic for a month to just fucking recharge yourself.


Thursday, January 12th, 2017

At the moment I’m
– enjoying some youtube videos of this one Irish-German piece of meat who seems to be an absolute dork. Exhibit A.

– thinking about what to actually blog about.

– eating toast with brown sauce and cheese. Stay classy, girl!

– drinking earl grey, brewed for however many minutes the bag was forgotten in, maybe 7? No milk, no sugar, as per usual.

– wearing tracky dacks and Indiana Mouse tee (because i’ve been to the gym today and frankly i’m too bloody lazy to change)

– listening to a lecture about blasting in mines. When I say ‘listening’ I mean I can hear the guy rambling, but… I can’t be arsed, even if it’s quite interesting. I’m a bad student. Shame on me.

– wanting for it to be tomorrow already. Because Assassin’s Creed with mum and sweets. Yas.

– weather-wise it’s fucking atrocious in here. Snowing sideways. Ew.

– feeling not too stressed about school. It is the first lecture tho, so brace yourselves.

– wondering if I should change planners from my Domino to my Kikki.K teal. I probably should.


Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Current sexual orientation: Michael Fassbender doing a fancy roly-poly


Somebody please put me out of my misery.