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Ode to Manics

Friday, March 27th, 2009

I know most of you know at least by now, that Manic Street Preachers’s song Motorcycle Emptiness is such a masterpiece, that I thought to put it as my domain name. Not just once, but twice.

When the song first came out in ’92, I was fourteen, saw it on MTV (they used to show music videos on that channel back then, isn’t it incredible?), loved the song and oh my sweet jesus, how I lusted for James Dean Bradfield.

I don’t much prefer the James D.B. of today, but the song still kicks ass. Like a lot. It hasn’t lost it touch or the relevance of the message (even though I usually absolutely hate straight-forward political lyrics) at all during the what? 17 years of its lifetime. Since then I’ve become familiar with a bunch of other songs form the band, thanks mostly to dear Juk, who is a big fan of Manics. I particularly like the This Is My Truth -album, which sounds… white and crispy. Tsunami is marvellous as well as Everlasting.

The best of Everlasting is definately the Sonic Stealth remix. It can be found on the Forever Delayed -greatest hits album’s remix cd. It has all these weird saw-playing sounds, and it turns out to be a sort of spiritual experience with church organs blaring on the background.  Absolute masterpiece. To me it is a hair-raising thing to listen to, every time.

And holy fuck, has it been seventeen years since I was an awkward fourteen-year-old? D:

Honestly. Fuck.

Grand Opening

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

For the eleventieth (or so) time in my life I declare a grand opening on a domain I have registered. Or a re-opening after a “dreaming it all up again” -phase.

I’ve been trying to get on the blogging train for a year now, ever since I re-registered my first and apparently best domain evar!!1 but it somehow went all bollocks every time I tried to do anything. Also I felt like I’d lost the ability to code anything. And not to mention that I kept thinking how much WordPress sucked donkey dick.

Except that it doesn’t. I had an epiphany on Monday night, after Johanna and I tried to upgrade and tweak an already existing WP I had running in here. You can believe that I was facepalming and headdesking like no tomorrow when I realized that I’d been a complete dumb fuck, thinking that the themes were somehow more complicated than before. No they weren’t and aren’t. It was just me. Hahawhoops.

But the point is, I have a gazillion things to say, people to annoy and cursing to do (you know me, when I’m around, there are more obsceneties flying around than in a bar full of drunken fomorians sailors). Feast your eyes upon the recycled layout from the ice-ice -age. I shall be filling up missing parts in here.