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The Numb

Friday, February 26th, 2010

You might have heard (if you are interested in that sort of stuff anyways) about hot yoga, the more effective way of doing yoga. You go into the gym or where ever the yoga class takes place, crank up the heating and then strike weird poses. Hot yoga is all the rage.

Well, Kemi Finland is striking back with a new, quirky thing. Cold yoga! Experience the ancient Indian form of meditation and uncomfortable body positioning in sub zero circumstances!

At least that’s how my yoga class feels like. It’s not very relaxing to lie on the floor when you feel like Han Solo in Cloud City. Jabba of the Hutts must want more reliefs on his walls. On a positive note, yesterday wasn’t so bad, since I had on the following:

-short underpants

-long underpants

-sweat pants

-normal socks

-woolly socks

-warm bra

-thick hoodie

-woolly gloves


I think you can hardly call that a normal outfit for yoga. Plus I had a blanket on top of the yoga mat. So yay. Furthermore, I had a case of face-numbing migraine when I left Office yesterday. Thankfully the pill I took when I got home helped relieve the pain. But it didn’t take away all of the numbness. So there I was, lying on the floor. And instead of relaxing, I was thinking that my nose might fall off frozen and I wouldn’t even know it, because of The Numb.

Don’t Quit Your Dayjob, Buster

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

As I am sitting here, @ Teh Office, with sun peeking through the window blinds, you might think that I’d be grateful that I’m not working outside. Let’s say for instance on a highway construction site. It is -after all- way below zero degrees out there. 21 below, to be exact.


I’d honestly be fucking deliriously happy to be swinging a hammer out there. Why? Because I would be having appropriate clothes for winter season. All suited up in warm undergarments and puffy (but not too puffy) jacket and awesome trousers. Or a warm overall.

Instead I am sitting here clothed suitable for working with Very Sensitive Electronical Equipment and for the occasional customer that happens to pop by. Which means jeans and a hoodie. Wow. I’d be all giddy, if it wasn’t for the damn heating that simply does. not. exist. It’s -21 degrees of maritime winter (sodding cold + nice cool breeze blowing from the frozen sea through the city center) outside and this godawful building has heating system that has last worked during the time when a bloke named Adolf  H. was growing funny bits of moustache on his face.

The situation has been just about the same for the whole winter (which has been c-o-l-d, my friends) and then today the Master of Teh Office decided that he’s had enough of sitting infront of desk with coat on and called the building maintenance with a “turn up the fucking heat!!11”.

And maintenace shows up.

“Quite chilly you have here.”

Dr. Duh from the Department of Obvious, I presume?

“Why turn on the heat now, summer is just around the corner, ha ha.”

Ha ha, my ass! Try fiddling with the teeny-tiny screws on the bottom of a friggin’ laptop when your fingers seem to have lost all of their joints, never mind the circulation.

Shut up, leave the comedy to a stand-up open mic night and turn up the bloody heat.