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Saving Private Daylight

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Honestly, I don’t see the point in daylight saving. It bugs me to no end, not only because it boggles the mind when you wake up in the morning not sure which clocks have automatically switched themselves and which require manual interference. Yes, I know it’s not hard to reason those, but when you are all sleepy and numb, it isn’t so easy.

Besides, I don’t feel like saving shit. At seven am it is already bright enough to say it is daylight. And now that seven am suddenly turned into eight am, it is still as good as daylight at seven am. And what comes to evenings, I honestly don’t think there is a lot to save on that end, because it’s starting to get pretty damn bright up to like seven in the evening.

So bollocks on the whole DST. It’s silly and requires too much thinking, because I have to adjust the timer on the aquarium light as well. And fish are grumpy and sleepy and transparent at times they should not be.


Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Allright. Who is the funnyface who tried (and miserably failed) to hack my gmail account?

Hint: do not click on the “wtflol i forgot mah password” because it will send me email about it. And here’s another hint: if it didn’t help clicking it the first time, I doubt clicking it the second or the third time will help either.

No love,


Pony Pics

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

October Cosmos, as promised.

Star Dancer, one of the Sparkle Ponies. Tinsels are still kinda crumpled.


Saturday, March 20th, 2010

This week, I ‘ave mainly been listening to U2.

And why the hell not. Ever up to 1997 they were a bloody brilliant band that released bloody brilliant music. After that they became a bunch of pretentious pricks who apparently forgot how to make good music (with exceptions like City of Blinding Lights which to me was -and still is- probably the closest i ever get to feel to a religious experience).

So I’m mainly sticking to old tracks, such as Spanish Eyes and One Tree Hill and the majority of Achtung Baby, because they make me feel all young and emotional and sometimes giddy. Oh and Heartland, which is probably the best song ever to have been released by U2, still makes me want to cry, because the backing track starting in “dawn changes everything” is so… it’s like a … It just is so descriptive and reflecting of the mood of the music. I still don’t understand or even care to understand what the hell the lyrics are about (probably jesus and his dad and the whole heavenly bunch), but hey, honestly man, has even one U2 lyric ever made sense to, like, anyone?

Thought so.

Exhibit A: Is it “Men of straw, snooker hall” or “Men of straw, sneak a whore” in The Unforgettable Fire’s Promenade? Yeeea, I can’t tell either. Neither makes any sense. Nor does the whole song for that matter, but the music is kick ass good.

Exhibit B: “When I was all messed up and I heard opera in my head.”

But enough about that. Instead, let me praise the most underrated album in the unverse: Zooropa. It has to be the most awesome album put out in 1993. I love the whole album from the first eerie note and interference scratch noise to the inexplicable screeching sound heard after umphtysix minutes of silence after The Wanderer. There is the magical airy feel of the beginning of the title song and there is the masterpiece that is Lemon. Even Paul Oakenfold’s (yay for old Paulie \o/ ) Perfecto remix of Lemon is perfect.

No wait, the most underrated album of the universe has to be Pop. Why on earth did media call Pop a flop? It sold platinum in the US, UK, France and Australia, double platinum in many other European countries an -get this- triple platinum in Canada. Man, it must have sucked to bum out so badly. Suck it up sisters, it is a great album and has one of the greatest U2 songs on it: Wake Up Dead Man, which is just thrilling.

Plus that I’ve never laughed at celebrity mishaps more than after hearing the ridiculous mirrorball lemon didn’t want to open in Oslo, and the band was stuck in it like a surprise in a Kinder easter egg.

Aw heck. I’m practically in tears here. Good thing I have tix for the August 20th gig in Helsinki. Now I might have to go and listen to Magnificent, which is a great song that was released as a single and sold about two copies. Bono, you suck donkey balls, but I think I still love you. <3


Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

A new pony arrived yesterday. Cosmos is her name and she is so beautiful!

It’s from the Birthflower series, which was a special mail order series in the US. I’ll put a picture up as soon as I get one. I’m getting a delivery of six more ponies today, so there will be a few fellas to photograph.