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The cake was indeed not a lie

Monday, July 25th, 2011

I managed to make the cake and also freeze it like it was supposed to be frozen. And to add to the feeling of success!!1 I managed not to drop it on the floor at any point.

This is what is was supposed to look like (in case you’ve forgotten and cannot be arsed to scroll down a bit):

And here’s how it turned out to look like:

I’m hardly going to be a proper baker. *le sigh* But everyone said it tasted lovely. Maybe they were being polite, since I thought it was way too whipped-creamy and way too little orangey.

ps. People of Norway: you are one of us, you know, Scandinavian. Please try to cope at this horrible time. 🙁

I’ve way too much time on my hands

Thursday, July 21st, 2011


We have an Inception-wall!

(or then again, it might be an xzibit-wall. yo dawg, i know how you like walls so…)

The cake might be a lie

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Hubby will be starting his summer holiday on this Friday. I presented him with a book I bought from the flea market. The book has a variety of relatively simple recipes for everything CHOCOLATEY!!11

Me: Pick a recipe and I will make it to celebrate your holiday. (because c’mon, any excuse for a little chocolatey goodness is good enough for me)

Hubby: *flipping through pages* Ok this one.

That is a frozen chocolate-orange cake. And that is a picture of what it’s supposed to be looking like. Now given my record on baking, I doubt it will look that nice. I won’t know until Friday. I did bake the actual cake part just now, and it went surprisingly well (at least it looks like that) even tho I had to call mom and ask her how much a typical cake batter will actually rise when in oven. (turns out i had too big of a pan for the amount of ingredients. so i had to make batch #2. luckily i called before sticking the pan into the oven and thus evading the Pending Catastrophe. that’s a first. and besides, double the batter=double the cake and that is never a bad thing. except if the cake turns out to taste horrible.)

So I’m now moving on to possibly the hardest part of making a layered cake. The Splitting of The Cake. Surely this is where I’ll bollocks the whole thing up. If you hear loud swearing, it’s just me.

I’ll put up a picture on Friday so that we can compare the what it’s supposed to look like -picture and the this is how it turned out to look like (sadly) -picture of the actual cake.

Edited: I’ve put the cake in the freezer. Everything went alarmingly well, so I bet the cake ends up tasting something abominable. D:

So… kinda … eh?

Monday, July 18th, 2011

You know, I’ve moved from being the worst cynic liek evah to a sort of gullible idiot when it comes to people’s love lifes. Who’da thunk, right? I used to be the “oh PUHH-lease”, but now I’m more of the “I kinda believe in it” -party. Then something like this comes along and I end up being mostly

and that sort of pisses me off.

I mean, I want to think that odd (well, odd in this case is more like wtf) couples actually are not all about money and all the -you know- wrong things, but instead good and right and nice things and kittens and all that.

But seriously. Honestly. 16? This is when the GIRLFRIEND PLEEAAAASE with an eyeroll so bad you’ve never seen before kicks in. The Curious Case of … I’ll say.

And that’s what picks my butt in this whole thing. And the fact that creepy actor is creepy. But he’d be creepy regardless him marrying anyone. Hrrr.

Of jirds and turtles

Thursday, July 14th, 2011

Jirds, those wonderful (and silly) creatures that most people refer to as gerbils. As you may (or may not) already know, I have two gerbils; Chocolate and Caramel. They live in an orange plastic thing that I call a bubble. It’s filled (not to the brim, obviously) with wood chips and coconut shells and wooden buildings and sand-pit and a bottle of water. And some paper towel tubes that exist in their true form for about 14.4 seconds after putting them in the bubble. The two gerbils just happily gnaw away at them like a bunch of piranas in the Amazon river gnaw at a dead fish or a bull. Or a person. I don’t know if the piranas are particularly happy to gnaw at a bull, but my gerbils are visibly cheerful with the tubes.

I wonder at times if they can see the turtle, who lives across the room. The turtle seems to notice the gerbils tho. At times when I’m sitting here on my pooter (where i can silently monitor both animal habitats and the internet) I see the gerbils making a racket by kicking up the wood chips and then see the turtle pausing his swim as to take a look at what’s going on with the silly furry things. But then again, he’s a turtle and those things apparently have a lot more brain than two gerbils combined.

Caramel is clearly more suspicious of everything, except when it comes to me. He’s all friendly and shit when I stick my hand in the bubble. But when it comes to Strange & Weird sounds and/or movements around their habitat (or in fact in the house), like me sneezing or Very Dangerously Leaning A Bit Back On My Chair he immediately streaks like a caramel-colored lightning to his wee little house. And starts tapping with his foot. What is it with the tapping? Seriously, I know it is a form of communicating very typical for these kinds of small rodents, because the vocals they make are tiny squeaks and of course banging your foot to the ground tends to be heard at longer distances. But what is the point, if he stays in a relatively small bubble that he knows through and through and knows there are no other gerbils besides Chocolate there and good lawd, he’s right there next to him, why bother with the drumming? It gets even more stupid when the pair is standing back to back, both drumming. Pa-pa-pa. Pa-pa-pa. Pa-pa. Pa-pa.

I suspect they are trying to communicate with the turtle. Conniving an elaborate plan to destroy me. So they can have all the red apple gerbil treats AT ONCE!

ps. Frosty, my mom’s (and mine, in a way that my mom owning a dog is the closest i’ll ever be to owning a dog because of stupid allergies) dog died on the week of summer solstice. I can’t talk about it yet, because I feel still so damn sad about it. But I will (probably) talk about it, later on. Maybe.