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Winter-ish Ponies

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

I decided to take my camera outside and dress up Sparkler and Baby Glory in Snow Angels Pony Wear. All in honor of the first (and by the looks of it, the last) properly nippy day this autumn. I know, I live in a region that should be all covered in snow and dipped in frost by now, but something has gone a bit wonky this year. Hence: first frost Ponies on November 29th.

Lookit all them wee apples they have!

Also I’ve been prettying up some of my newest additions to The Herd. Banana Surprise, Tunefull and old boy Salty amongst the few were in desperate need of a hairdressing, so I spent a good hour armed with spray bottle and flatiron.

And lastly, I just happened to stumble across a perfectly fine example of Pony Schoolhouse with most of it’s accessories. It was in the local second-hand store and cost practically nothing, so yay!

Of tolerance

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

You know, I’ve not been telling really anyone too much about the time I lost my job and what I was going through. It’s not that I wouldn’t know that anyone losing a job would be pissed off and maybe sad and all those things, it’s just that I was driven to a burn-out by my then employer. I will not get into that so much as I will get into the effects the burn-out and crawling out of it has had in my life. Mainly this:

My tolerance for somebody bossing me around has never been really good, but now it seems non-existant. It picks my butt something terrible. And it leads me into all sorts of nice situations, where I end up looking like an immature idiot (which i no doubt am at times). It’s just that in life (not work) I loathe being told to do things, attend things or not do things, I take the stubborn ass -approach to being told to do shit I don’t want to. Yes, yes, I know, we grown-ups need to sometimes just bend over and take one for the team, but seriously, why not ask nicely first? Why say you must attend this or do that, why not ask if you’d like to attend. The biggest bullshit really is “I’d really like it if you’d do this or go there” with a voice that really means “you are the biggest dick ever if you refuse this”. I suspect most people actually like being asked before their lives and goings and doings are planned ahead.

Which is -I guess- my main irk. I’ve become a sort of a drifter in life, and whilst I do appreciate the routines I have (they are good for keeping my monkey of a brain on some track), and I’d like nothing more than to have a job with a paycheck (actually, who wouldn’t want a life of leasure, but i digress), I still think I need a bit of surprise in my life. And I don’t mean surprises like “look I promised you’d be in there”. I like to have the opportunity to say “I’ll see about that” and then have some time to actually think about it.

Because you know what, it’s all about giving people a choice. Most choose wisely. Others end up looking like Walter Donovan from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. 😉


Saturday, November 12th, 2011

I fucking hate my panic attacks. Anxiety attacks. What ever they are. Afterwards I feel so bloody exhausted it’s just simply not funny.

Fuck you, mental disorders. 🙁

Friday 5 for 04.11.2011

Friday, November 4th, 2011


1. Where did you hang out with friends when you were a teen?
We didn’t hang out per se. At least not during the early teens. We were mostly out playing sports or just generally being dumb with bicycles. Later into the teens I hung about with a suspicious bunch of people in a suspicious house, but nothing really suspicious happened to me. Then, after I turned eighteen, I hung out at a bar that I worked in.

2. Where did you hang out with friends when you were in your twenties?

Early twenties we used to hang about in our cars in the city centre. Later in the twenties we mostly hung out at night clubs, local vietnamese restaurant or this local bar that served coffee (and other beverages, which we didn’t have during daytime, mind you, except maybe on some special occasion) starting from noon.

3. Where do you hang out with friends now?
As weird as it may sound, I seldom hang out with anyone anymore. There is the occasional lunch date with a friend or the quick visit to the local second-hand store, but mostly my human contacts are either with my nordic-walking buddy or across the Great Web of Intartubes.

I do hang out with hubby a lot. We just sort of hunker down on the sofa, watch documentaries (mostly war-related) and discuss about those.

And yes, I like it this way. I don’t particularly miss anykind of hanging around, except on rare occasions.

4. What great hanging-out memories do you have?
Best times were probably some very late nights sitting in my friends car, listening to the hourly news broadcasts on the car radio every hour until the sunrise. And the times with another friend that we spent on a Tuesday (or a Monday, or any other “non-party”) night drinking hot chocolate in our friendly neighborhood restaurant.

5. What ingredient makes hanging out better sometimes than others?
Food. I’m all for lunch dates and coffees at a nice café. Being just generally silly and giggly makes most days better.

How to not organize a party

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

(please read the title in a billy connolly voice. it sounds better. actually, everything sounds better with billy connolly voice. so from now on, read everything with billy connolly voice.)

You decide to throw a party, let’s say a surprise party for a friend. This is always a good idea, since everything is grey and dull during autumn time, so basically any kind of a party is a welcome change. I’ll take even a bloody Party Lite party over boredom, but that’s irrelevant really. I don’t know about you people, but I have a pretty good idea how to start about with all the preparations. And since I’ve recently experienced a completely assward way of organizing a party, I shall reveal how things should not be done.

-Invite people and tell them to rsvp within a week.

-Do not wait for the rsvp’s, instead book a place (without knowing the turnout, as it’s not the rsvp date yet), tell people you’ve invited that this is the place and it wasn’t actually even expensive.

-Ask people about food. Who wants to bring what and you-know-the-deal. Bear in mind that you still have no idea about the turnout, as it is still not even close to the rsvp deadline.

-When food is sorted, THEN tell people to pay up, because it is only fair that everyone pays for the rented venue. Nevermind that some people have agreed to bring food. Because the rent will be split equally amongst the participants. Never fucking mind that you still don’t know the turnout, because the rsvp deadline is still a few days away.

-When the rsvp deadline date arrives, have people be pissed at you.

Uhm. A big fucking NO! You know, I’ve no problem with sharing the costs, but in my world (which, by making a brief poll amongst my peeps (as they say) is mostly everybody’s world) if costs will be split, the whole thing will be organized in an entirely different way. Like so:

-Invite friends, ask for an rsvp. Tell people this is supposed to be a party where costs are split evenly.
-Wait until the deadline date.
-Ask participants how much they are willing to contribute. Some people are to bring food, others will pay for the venue. At this point, find out what sort of budget you have for the venue.
-Find a venue that is suitable for the amount of people participating but also affordable within the budget.
-Throw party.

People, it’s not that difficult. Mind you, I’m an enginerd and my brain has the tendency to look like this

most days, and even I can muster this much sense. And today is not one of my brightest days, I gotta tell you.

And I fucking hate parties anyway.