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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Oh woo! Finally I got the php update needed so I got this here WordPress updated to the latest version. \o/

I’m the laziest nowadays when it comes to manually updating really anything, so automated updates work like charm for me.


Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Happy Last Year on Earth!

I’ve been simply swamped on everything home improvement. BUT! Upstairs is about this close to being finished, we have the new central heating systen up and running and a new sofa.

I’ve managed a new start on my fat-shedding project. I’ve been nordic walking like a mad person, going to the gym and hydro running (it’s good for us fatties, because you get the excercise without the stress on joints!) and I plan to take up on my weekly zumba and/or body combat (now there’s a killer thing, but i love it). I started two years ago and since then I’ve shed 29 kilos, gained a tenner back and I have now officially 23 kilos to go. I’m not worried, I’m not stressed. What I am is a lazy ass, too much of a food lover and I have developed a sweet tooth that I didn’t really have until I started to pay attention to what I eat. Strange, innit? Anyways, I’m targeting at being a good ten kilos lighter by the end of March. Then we’ll see how it goes from there. I know it’s a hard thing to manage, but I’ve done this before. I know how it’s done. So we’ll see what we see on March 31st.

All our animals are fine, gerbils are being silly, turtle is being sillier, fish are getting fatter and the wee hamsters are as indifferent as ever. Silly things. I’m well and Janne’s picked up skiing. O_o What in the world…? I might give that the traditional annual try (i loathe skiing, i suspect mostly because i haven’t got a clue on the technique of it). This time I’ll tape up my feet before heading to the track, because last year’s Great Experiment in Skiing ended up with me having blisters so bad on my feet that I wasn’t able to go for a walk in a week.

Now, off to make some food and then to the gym.