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Sunday, March 18th, 2012

I have a job interview on Tuesday. \o/ It’s on Oulu, which means I have to drive there (how bad is the situation with finnish public transportation if driving is the surest way to get from a to b on time?) and that takes a bit of thinking (i don’t like thinking much) as to how much time I need to reserve for the trip.

I don’t mind. I’m already absolutely fully booked for the month of March. It’s ridiculous, I know! I told the man calling about the interview I quite appreciate the irony of an unemployed having to check calendar for suitable time for job interview. I don’t know if he appreciated it, but I told him I did anyways.

Gah. I need to check in with the local job centre for a re-schedule for that personality test I mentioned earlier. Because I bloody well double booked myself! Yay me! Also I need to summon all my diplomas and what-nots (that’s pretty much sorted already) and then possibly try to look up on the company, in case they decide to ask if I know anything about them (not really).

So it’s on Tuesday. Wish me luck.


Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

You know the feeling, when you are walking alone and you suddenly just know that Someone is following you. You are walking and minding your own business and all’s well. Until you get The Feeling.

There’s no reason to be alarmed, because it’s daytime (hopefully) and there are other people on the streets, so you’re not alone and if you scream, there are people to hear you. But you just know there’s Somebody behind you, trailing. It’s just a feeling, and then you perk your ears and you hear the footsteps. And you try to change the rhythm of your steps ever so slightly “by accident” (hopefully you are convincing enough) so you can hear if you actually hear their footsteps and not echoes of your own.

You can’t turn your head to take a look, because you just can’t let your Follower know that you’ve noticed you’re being followed. So you turn to a side street (which is hopefully crowded, oh please let there be at least one person just far away enough to stay on the range of sight and hearing for as long as possible) just so you could turn your head to see at least a bit behind you. Because The Follower sure as hell isn’t on your heels. You don’t see anyone behind you, because you couldn’t turn your head that much.

You see there aren’t any other people on the street you just turned into. And whoever it is Following you has just picked up their pace behind you, because you’ve just picked up your pace because you want to get the hell off that street and go somewhere where there are people. You can’t start running, because then the Follower will surely know you’ve noticed and let’s face it, when can you ever outrun a bad guy? Never.

And then you come to a crossing and you sigh with relief because now you can at least repeat that weird a-tad-too-much turn of your head to see if the Follower is getting closer. Which he is. Because there is a man in dark clothes (why are they always clad in dark colours?) still a safe-ish distance away. If he doesn’t realise that his cover has been blown and start running, that is.

Which apparently has happened, because you can hear the Follower pacing up and getting closer. So you pick up your pace until you can’t help but run, because this is certainly not walking anymore and you are running because jesus christ, he’s got a knife or an axe and he’s coming to make minced meat out of you.

And it’s time to look behind you, because you want to know how many meters of life you still have left and you see that the Murderous Psychopath has just turned into his own driveway and is greeted by his big silly dog and two beautiful kids.

I’d much rather prefer my imagination with more Bollywood days than these god-awful teenage horror film ones.