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It’s a yay

Monday, April 30th, 2012

So I got this phonecall from a woman on a Friday two weeks ago. She invited me to an interview on Monday. To which I went. And started working last Wednesday. Fuck me, I may actually have to join the club of people who have been called to work from the comfort of their own home. 😀 I never sent an application or anything.

What I do is nesting. Which is a technical term for sitting infront of a pooter and using autocadish program so guys in the factory have something to do, other than waving their arms about. I had no idea about any of it, but I think I might be getting the hang of it. The contract is for a tad over a year, so rock on.

Fuck yea. *dances a victory jig*

Survey on Sunday

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Something came up on Facebook and I felt like getting back to the Better Days of The Intar Tubes. So here is a survey I found waybackmachining my old domains (trust me, there have been a few). I love surveys, you should too!

1) first grade teacher’s name: Raija.
2) last words you said: How many laps left? to hubby, because he’s watching F1 GP Bahrain on the telly.
3) last song you sang: I think I made a right mockery of some heavy metal song.
4) last person you hugged: hubby
5) last person you got kissed by: oh, hubby again. 😀
6) last thing you laughed at: a youtube bit, Hitler as something or another, you know those subtitled things from the film Der Untergang.
7) last time you said “I love you”: Just a moment ago I said I think I love Iva. This was in Facebook. 😀
8) last time you cried: yesterday evening because I was hungry, furious and tired.
9) what’s in your CD player: I don’t have a cd-player. 🙁 If I did, I reckon it would have a U2 cd in it. Most likely Achtung Baby.
10) what color socks are you wearing: black with some flower decorations. Girly socks.
11) what’s under your bed: Monsters.
12) what time did you wake up today: 8.59.
13) current taste: Lipton Forest Fruits tea. I would’ve liked to say the stunning casserole I made, but sadly I made myself a cuppa between this survey and eating the bloody brilliant lunch.
14) current hair: stripey. That is all.
15) current clothes: Black Reebok sweatpants, navy blue t-shirt with an Intel logo.
16) current annoyance: Snow, Y U NO BE GONE?!
17) current longing: I’d like to eat some more, but alas, cannot.
18) current desktop picture: Bonzer-wonzer. Oh luvvy. <3
19) current hate: My lack of self control. Self, Y U NO GET THINNER?!
20) favorite features of the opposite sex: Legs. I like nice legs on a guy. Also because I’m a superficial no-good ho, I fear I may have fallen for my hubby because he kinda looks like Ewan McGregor. 😀
21) last cd that you bought: oh bloody hell. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb by U2? I haven’t bought a cd in ages.
22) favorite place to be: Home. Or my ‘Sploder. I love that piece of junk metal.
23) least favorite place: anything too tight to properly fit into. This includes tiny bathroom stalls.
24) time you wake up in the morning: seven-ish. During the week. Weekends about nine-ish.
25) if you could play an instrument: it would be piano. Which I can play. But also banjo would be nice and harmonica.
26) favorite color: Black. And pink, oddly enough.
27) do you believe in an afterlife: Not the least bit.
28) how tall are you?: 1,75 meters.
29) current favorite word/saying: I disapprove! Paheksun!
30) favorite book: At the moment I think it’s Fools Rush In by Bill Carter.
31) favorite season: Summer. Why isn’t it summer already, huh?
32) one person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: My paternal grandma.
33) favorite day: Friday. It’s combat-day and the beginning of the weekend.
34) where would you like to go: Yorkshire.
35) what is your career going to be like: long and succesful. I just hope it would bloody well start already!
36) how many kids do you want: Anything less than 2. That would be one or none, thankyouverymuch.
37) what kind of car will you have: I’m v. content with my Explorer, but had I the chance, I’d like a Range Rover and/or Mustang.
38) type a line you remember from any book: Yrch! Legolas slipped into his own language (it might be tongue also, I can’t remember which it was, so technically I DON’T remember a quote)
39) a random lyric: One of these mornings, it won’t be very long, you will look for me, and I’ll be gone. That’s from a Moby song.
40) identify some things surrounding your computer: Teacup, calculator, notepad, phone and Ponies. Also a pint of water, keys, hand lotion and a camera.

Anger management

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

I need a punching bag, because I just want to break stuff at times.

Better yet, I should have a room with stuff that is easily (but not too easily) broken by throwing them around. Some plates and shit, so it makes A LOT of noise while breaking. No animal figurines tho or anything like that, I wouldn’t have the heart to break them.

I might need some anger management, because fuck, I just get so angry sometimes I just … gaah!

Oh. Em. Gee.

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

I’ve completely gone and gotten myself addicted to the strangest things. BodyCombat and BodyStep.

What the fucking what? I’m actually not that surprised about the combat thing, but the step. I mean come the fuck on, me doing basically what is step aerobics. HAHAHAHAHA… HA… ha… oh wait, I’m not joking. O.o

ps. beginning to think didn’t nail the job. poo.