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Friday, December 7th, 2012

So we’re having one of hubby’s friends over for some grub tomorrow and I was thinking of making Tibetan. Mainly because I love momos like nothing else. So I was compiling the grocery list when I remembered what an actual bitch the whole Tibetan thingy is to make. It will require hours upon hours of cutting and slicing and frying and steaming and all that and really I just can’t be arsed. So I decided I could cut myself some slack and go for Indian. So I sent hubby a txt to tell him (yes, food is very important and you cannot waste a second when you’ve made a life altering decision like this) about this and at moments like this I know I’ve married my Mr. Right.

Me: Change of plans. Tibetan is motherfucking pain in the ass to make and I can’t be arsed. Menu tomorrow: Chicken (forecast*) tikka, saffron rice, raita, naan, mangochutney and some chocolate chip cookies for dessert cuz fusion kitchen fuck yeah. Any complaints?

Hubby: No complaints here.

Me: And this is why I married yo punk ass.

N’awww spousal unit.

*chicken forecast is a joke from QI. If you don’t watch QI, you should, you savage. If you have a television in the jungle where you live.