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Here, have a rant

Monday, September 29th, 2014

I’ve been watching the news lately (to be fair, who hasn’t, there’s so much shit going on in the world right now that it’s not even remotely funny anymore) and reading the local paper. I’ve come to a conclusion, that has been forming in my mind for quite some time. But now I’m sure about it.

Fundamentalism ruins everything. Everything.

Look at religions: Christianity, which is closest to me personally, since I live in a predominantly christian country. You’ve got your basic run-of-the-mill christians, who pray maybe before dinner at schools and attend the church shenanigans once or twice a year, depending if there is a nice singer headlining for the Christmas carols. And then you’ve got the Westboro Baptists and some a bit less raving mad, but nevertheless narrowminded, hatred-fueled fundamentalist assholes, who ruin all good things that lie within the core of the religion. The same is true for muslims. Vast majority are just ordinary people getting on with their lives, eating and working and raising children and trying to get along with the shit that is the economy. And then there are the assholes that make up about 1% of the people but are noisy enough to make people think that they are much more in numbers than they actually are.

Then look at environmentalist and their lot: recycling is an excellent idea, I do my recycling pretty decently. I have separate bins for glass and metal and paper and so on. And then there has to be some idiot, who has to ask if I remembered to take the tiny staple from the tea bag and sort out that one in the metals and not leave it in with the biodegradables. Which not only makes me want to throw glass and metals around but also commit a crime of manslaughter.

How about your car and driving? Yes, I’ve changed from a big-ass four-wheel-drive petrol-guzzling hunk of metal to a bit less thirsty car, be it a muscle car, but still. It takes up about a gallon less petrol on a 100 km than the previous one. But no, that’s not good enough. “Why don’t you buy a Prius or a small, nifty tin that consumes even less and is even more environmentally concious?” Because I want to sit in my car and not fucking wear it, fer chrissakes!

How about food then? It’s not long ago that a national trashy paper was making headlines telling that some expert had been “outraged and shocked” because the children’s menu in a service station chain was full of “bad foods, like chips and wieners”. They’re so salty! There are nitrates! They’re bad for health! It’s a SERVICE STATION for crying out loud. People go there to grab something to eat when they’re on the road. It’s not like they eat there every single day. Sweets are bad for your teeth and bacon will eventually clog up your arteries, but if you eat even relatively healthily, I’m quite convinced a bit of bacon and a bag of sweets once in a while isn’t going to put anyone to an early grave. (i had the best time ever reading the comments on that article, because people were so pretentious, oh my god! like “my children will NEVER eat that shit, we ONLY eat quality foods at home”. girlfriend please, your brats eat at the local chippy just as you do half the week because your ass is too lazy to cook after work.)

In conclusion: Fundamentalism makes EVERYTHING shitty.

Life or something like it

Saturday, September 20th, 2014

Look, I know I’ve been a right slacker for not writing anything here in like uhhh… six months? Yea. I do have a perfectly good reason for it: I got knocked up and had a baby. Not specifically during the six month period, but almost. I spent basically the month of August in hospital, tied to bed because pre-eclampsia and then I had the baby, earlier than he should’ve been born and thus had to spend some more time in the hospital taking care of him.

I did manage to clock up like 3000 kilometers on Dixon, tho. We had a wonderful summer. So hot in July that it was at times impossible to even think about biking, because you’d boil inside the helmet. No seriously. You can’t ride with the visor open because FUCK ME it gets noisy anywhere over 60 km/h and then another thing, you don’t want to get a bee in your face at 90 km/h. Trust me, you don’t.

And so that’s what I’ve been up to. Having a baby and almost dying of pregnancy complications and also motorbiking.

Like I needed another obsession

Thursday, September 18th, 2014


No. I refuse. I need you to leeeeeaaave.