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Thursday, April 16th, 2015

Sometimes life has the ability to throw a curveball at you. And it usually comes in a time where you’re least prepared to handle the aftermath. Which -let’s face it, we’re not major league baseball pros, any of us- usually is a complete clusterfuck of everything and you end up feeling like a juggler with one or ten too many balls in the air.

I have Lego Pirates for my 3DS unopened. I’ve yet to finish my Lego Star Wars. And Lego Harry Potter. My house looks like a small but effective bomb exploded inside and of course I’m hosting a party on Saturday. To which I’ve promised to bake a cake. Thank fuck everyone’s pitching in on the eatings, I’d be doomed otherwise.

I could manage all of this, would this be the usual time of let’s say two years ago.

But it’s not.

Enter curveball: child teething, hence being difficult and craving almost every second of my day.

So I’ve had to make some adjustments in the daily routines. I have the choice of either blogging about all the things I have on my blog planner. Or keep my sanity and keep the child from screaming his head off.

We’ll see eachother, most likely soon, but I’m not making any solemn promises.


Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Easter is to some a religious holiday, about Jesus dying for our sins and then getting up and legging it up to heaven. I myself have never been a religious person, I honestly didn’t even know who the fuck Jesus was until I was told at school on the first grade (and after I was told, for a good amount of time I still thought he was just a dude who herded sheep a long time ago in some faraway land) so Easter to me is basically a long weekend with chocolate eggs involved. Those of you who want this post to be about me suddenly realizing the deeper meaning behind easter eggs, please hobble along, because this is not about that.

I want to tell you about the best easter egg hunt I’ve had.

My father is a pirate king. Well, not really, he’s a chief engineer and he’s always been at sea. When me and my sister were kids, he used to take us to his ship when we were on holidays from school. It wasn’t some massive cruise ship, no, it was a small-ish maintenace/oil spill response/tugboat type of thing, but it was a better playground than anyone else of our classmates had. And we could go everywhere in that ship, so it wasn’t like going on a cruise where you would promenade on the decks and eat at a restaurant. We ran around the bridge, sat on the captain’s chair, even got to steer the boat a bit and spent time between the massive diesel engines in the engine room. We spent, one at a time because we were exhausting kids, a week on board his ship during summertimes and we visited for a day here and there when we could. So this one easter we went there, as a family, and my dad and my mom hid some chocolate eggs all over the third deck so we could hunt them.

To a kid a ship is a magical place. You have all the furniture that look strange, like tables that have little barriers around them and cupboard doors that you need to open by pressing a button in the middle of the handle. Then you have the funny sofas that have a backrest that moves up and the beds above them that come down from the wall. It’s so functional and all because it just has to, but as a kid you don’t think about the reasons, you just think they’re funny as fuck, because you’re small enough to hide behind that movable backrest and if that’s not the best hiding place ever, I don’t know what is.

So there we were, me and my sister, searching for chocolate eggs behind friendship flags and calling eachother on the intercom to tell when ever one of us had some loot and meeting up at the bottom of the bridge staircase to compare the eggs. It took us well over an hour to find all the eggs (there were quite a few to be honest) and in the end the chocolates weren’t nearly as interesting as the search had been.

It was the best Easter ever.

And with that, I wish you all a pleasant Easter, a religious one or not. Be safe, drink responsibly and don’t drive like maniacs.