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Blog challenge, episode 1

Saturday, January 27th, 2018

List 20 random facts about yourself.

I feel that sometimes lists such as this slip to bragging territory, but I’m trying not to be that person. And yes, I realise I have a whole section of basically random facts about me, but I’m trying to think of something new.

-I love pens. I’m always looking for the perfect pen and quite recently I think I’ve found my favourite. It’s Pilot Frixion point 0.5, and it comes in a few colours. I’m quite sure I don’t need all of the colours, but will end up buying them anyways. And probably three black ones.

-I have a stack of ringbound planners in three sizes. I know I don’t need that many, because I only use my trusted a5 size (i mean come on, who can fit everything into a personal size?) but in my defence nearly all of them were purchased half or 75% off.

-I also have a traveler’s notebook, a cheap-arse mock one, but I still do and I just bought myself a Nuuna dot grid huuuuge notebook for bullet journaling purposes, even if I’ve tried it and didn’t like it. So now that beauty is basically just sitting on top of my desk and doing nothing. Except looking pretty.

-I haven’t had a regular skin care routine until this past christmas, when I got a set with cleanser, toner and two creams (day and night ones, naturally). I’m only stating this as a fact, with no emotional attachment to it.

-if I had to choose one activity that I would do in my spare time for the rest of my life, I’d have pretty fucking awful job deciding between writing, running and driving. I think I would choose driving, for the zen-like nature of it that I’ve gotten used to as years go by. I mean I can get peace of mind by running, but driving is my drug.

-talking of which, I used to do a lot of designated driver shit when I was younger and lying to myself about being social. At one point I calculated (for the sake of passing time) how many different makes and models of cars I’ve driven and it went to about seventy-ish then. It must be at least fifteen or twenty more now. So I think I can firmly say I’ve driven all sorts of cars. (i realise this is starting to venture to the brag-territory)

-I’m trying to read a bit more this year than the last, but I can’t seem to be able to concentrate on books. I’m hoping that it’s the genre that is putting me off. I’ve read mostly detective novels lately (hello harry hole) and I think I’m sort of so used to their format that trying to read sci-fi novels is such a different experience in comparison. I used to love my sci-fi, the classic ones, Arthur C. Clarke, Fred Hoyle and then some sort of horror hybrids. And yes, I do still love them, but I can’t commit to them, at least not at the moment.

-I love small (and a bit bigger) cosmetic bags and pouches. I have a bunch of them and I actually use quite a lot of the ones in my possession. They’re very handy when you’re changing hand-bags as frequently as many people do socks. To be honest tho, I do have a bunch of pouches I’ve not used once, and some that I’ve used only a little. But they’re a minority.

-I’m also a big hoarder of small baskets. Don’t even ask the number of Branäs -baskets in my house. It’s much like with pouches: I find them useful and buy a bunch, put stuff in it and forget about it. Then I’m doing my annual round of rummage through all your shit and throw half of it away and shit goes to tip and I’m left with extra baskets.

-I have a big stash of bracelets and wristbands. I usually wear the same combo for obscene amount of time and then change the whole lot. Last year it was paracord bracelets and leather cuffs, this year it’s black plastic sort of pearls with charms. I’m the person who adds one to each wrist every four to five weeks, end up with seventy-six million on each and then stripping them all off and starting again.

-I dye my hair a lot. I’ve started since I was maybe fourteen? and haven’t had my natural colour since then. To be honest I don’t even know what colour my hair is at this point. It might even be a little grey at parts, who knows. I’m partial to darker colours, because I feel myself more of a brunette than a blonde, but I’m not against any colour. I’ve had pretty much every colour there is, aside from grey, because my hair type is such that if I dye it silvery grey, it’ll turn into the colour of seagull shit in two weeks.

-I drink a lot of tea. About this time last year I made an order online for 1100 bags of Tetley’s tea and 1200 bags of Yorkshire tea. I mean, at the time there was not one single shop in Finland that sold Yorkshire. Now there is one supermarket chain that carries it, but the price is fucking ridiculous. I’m still drinking my 2300 bags, but I’m starting to feel a bit worried for the amount of Yorkshire left. By no means am I a snob when it comes to tea, but I admit I am a bit picky over my bags. And yes, I prefer bags since I don’t drink many mugs at once, and I can do without the hassle of loose leaf, thank you very much. Also: green tea is the stuff of Satan.

-lately, for maybe about half a year, I’ve been getting more and more into veggie based diet. I mean I have nothing against eating meat in itself, but I feel like I feel better without eating a lot of it. And to be quite frank, I don’t even like red meat that much. I have a bunch of friends (almost all of them) who always order a steak at a restaurant, because mmm yummy medium plus steak and I’m like uhhh, I’ll have the veggie main, or the chicken. I’m in no way a snob about this either, I’m not pushing my way of eating to anyone, and I don’t even intend going vegan or even totally meat-free. I just… I guess I like my veggies better.

-I don’t have a lot of handbags, I think. I mean I’m not sure how many people normally have, but I have like maybe a dozen? But before you get alarmed or scream at me for thinking that’s not a lot, let me tell you quite a few of those are bags shaped like a sheep (i’ve used that many times, but it’s sort of small-ish for everyday use) or shaped like a seal cub (it has a see-through plastic ‘belly’ and i’ve used it when going out for a bender). Quite a few of them are army surplus bags that are very practical, but not very … beautiful. I mean I like them, I’ve always been a big fan of army green colour. And none of the bags are fancy, or even brand name bags.

-as a person living this high up on the parallels, I know I should be somewhat fluent in winter sports. Like skiing. But god almighty how much I hate it. I want to like it, I want to ski, but I get blisters in my feet and I get sweaty and achy in no time at all and it all boils down to a big complain-fest anywhere between 100-300 meters. I suspect this is because I can’t ski, I don’t have the right technique. Down-hill skiing, or slalom as it was known somewhere in the dark ages, now that is my kind of skiing. You put two planks (yes two, shut up all you boarders you have two legs, you use two separate planks) on your feet, let machinery pull you on top of a hill and let gravity take you down. That’s proper skiing.

-talking about sports, a few years ago I got into Les Mills BodyCombat and haven’t been the same since. I love it, I love the feeling of being drenched in sweat and kicking and screaming your frustrations out to pumping music.

-I also love running, as I mentioned before. I don’t know what it is about it, but after the first 3-400 meters you get your breathing in check and your form right and you get your flow on and could run for ages. I only run during summers, because my lungs cannot take running in cold weather, so I have to sort of start again every spring, but so far it’s been magic. I love it, I can’t think of a better way to exercise.

-I bought a shotgun when I was studying first year at tech school. I bought it with my first batch of student loan, lol, money spent right where it was meant to. It’s a Remington 870 pump-action, a classic. I’ve hunted, for birds, a few times, but I just sort of lost interest in shooting live things, so I’ve been shooting at range. I’m not a great shot, but that’s because my practise is non-existant. I should go more, but I’ve somehow just put ot off.

-I’m a big stationary hauler. I’m loving pretty much everything from Kikki.K, and I do spend way more than I should on notebooks that I never use. I also like office supplies, and I’m about thisclose to admitting I may have a serious problem with this whole hoarding thing.

-altho, notebooks do come in handy when making lists. I love making lists. I make lists of literally everything. Shopping lists, duh, but to-do lists of every sort, lists of chores, lists of favourite things, favourite songs… I mean if I started on bullet journaling, I’m not sure there’d be room left for anything else but collections and lists.

Yea. That’s twenty then, ay? Was there anything new for you? Was anything surprising?

Humming bird

Sunday, January 21st, 2018

There are times when my attention span is that of a humming bird. Today seems to be one of them.

I sit down to have a cuppa with a book that I find rather interesting (it’s full of biological terms and shit, so it’s a bit of a trying read, but i like it), otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered with it after the first sixty or so pages. I read three paragraphs and look at my phone, glance at Instagram for much needed validation (none gotten, woe), get back to the book for next two paragraphs, get my phone out again and take stupid selfies, upload them to Instagram and proceed with the book.

For ten minutes? Half a chapter? Until I get up to drag out kid’s old clothes that have gotten too small, to photograph them for selling. I put them away and decide to clean a bit in the kitchen. I put away three things (out of ten) and sit down to read. Only to get up and move to my computer to continue on what is a bit of a binge on the fifth season of A Place Called Home (i’m really liking it, i’m at episode 10 currently). I watch half of the episode and get up to get something to eat. Like a bowl of cerial. Which I decide to have at the kitchen table with the aforementioned book. Ten minutes and I’m getting up to go to my computer again.

This is hellish.

So I open youtube and put on some music (have you fucking heard Tricky & Terranova’s Bombing Bastards? or indeed Terranova’s Never? fucking amazing) and I get a moment of peace. I just sit and drown myself into the beats. But it’s only temporary. Because after the -what appears to be the threshold today- ten minutes, I’m back to scrolling planner videos and switching up inserts on my planner, because I want something new I need to make this better

Currently, the Jan ’18 edition

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Here we are, well settled into the new year (ha ha! *hides knife behind back*) and well on our way to breaking every resolution we made the mistake to make. So what better way to begin a ghastly routine than making a State of the Nation post.

At this fine evening I’m enjoying a well-earned moment of Peace & Quiet™ after a day of having the underaged male representative of the family being a right pisshead and shouting constantly the whole afternoon. Only thing I can hear now are the sounds the keyboard is making and the guinea pigs having their Nightly Hay Dance. Quite a racket, but I promise you, I’m not the least bit bothered about that.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my actual work but also my dream about making money from my craft. It’s a somewhat distant dream, but it’s something that I hope is going to provide me with some extra cash. I have also been thinking about what it looks like in haunted houses when it’s laundry day, but that’s something I’m thinking about more or less every idle moment. Still haven’t quite figured it out. Any ideas?

I’m sticking to not-eating sweets, but oh my fucking lord it’s hard, especially when you have half of your obscenely large tin of Quality Streets still in your Cupboard of Plenty, just sitting there quietly. When I’m done with the 100 days I’m aiming at first, I’ll bloody well eat every last bit of them. (watch me have maybe six and then feeling all bleugh)

I’ve been drinking so much water lately, that I feel like I’m sploshing around when I’m walking. I’m not, but I feel like I am. Also, unsurprisingly, I’m pissing like a racehorse al through the day. Tmi, I know, but you (two) know me well enough by now.

If someone had told me ten, even five years ago that I’ll be wearing leggings with dresses and cardies, I’d probably punch them in the face. But here we are, ten million cardies later…

These past few weeks (yes it’s been almost three) I’ve been listening to my old spotify playlists when I’m walking or going to the gym. For the longest time I only listened to the saved song list, scrolling up and down on it, trying to find a suitable string that would not frustrate me whilst exercising. And one day I just put on one of my playlists from 2012-ish, and let me tell u. East 17 is still fucking brilliant, and yes, no shame, I know Gold by heart.

I’ve been ordering a ton of jewelry-related stuff from Wish and whilst I know that they’re due to arrive sometime around mid-February, I’m kinda wanting them to be here tomorrow. The latest. I’ve also set up a rewards system for myself when it comes to losing weight, and I just put in an order for a big, chunky dot grid bujo notebook, and I’m wanting that to arrive today or sooner. Mind you, I’ve tried bullet journaling, but I didn’t quite like it, probably because I wasn’t committing to it like full-time, but sort of kept it as a side-ho to my beautiful ring-bound a5 Kikki.K. This time I’m … sort of not sure I’ll even start it right away, but I just wanted to have it, because a) it was a thing of beauty and b) ya know just in case.

I don’t like winter, I’ve probably mentioned it a few times. So yea. It’s two-feet+ of snow, more coming in in a rather horizontal way, it’s as cold as in polar bears arse and to top it off, it’s windy as fuck. So whuppi-fucking-doo, it’s a shit weather.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve started on a new medication for my misfiring brain. It took me some time to actually believe that it was working. Or maybe it took my brain a month or so to recover from the question mark it formed into, as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine actually fired when they were supposed to instead of going fucking ballistic every time basically anything happened. But yea, I’ve been feeling a lot better lately. Better, tho, is probably the blandest word to describe the multitude of improvements happening in my life. I feel more sort of … able. And not in a manic way. It’s not that gleamy-eyed, feverish drive to do things, but a nice sort of motivated and sort of orderly feeling of being able to. I have some fears, due to the earlier medical trials, about my writing, and since it’s been a good while since I’ve written anything more than a shopping list or a shitpost, I’m sort of anxious about it, but on the other hand this doesn’t feel like a blank space, but more as an internal processing period. So I’m kind of optimistic about that too. I should just try to allocate time for my writing, regularly, so I would get Shit™ Done™.

And lastly, to finish off with a positive tune, something I’m trying to do more in my life as a whole this year, I have booked an appointment for a facial for tomorrow, at a local beauty salon. I got a voucher as a christmas present and I’m more than delighted I was able to book a time in such short notice. The salon I’ve been to before had bookings for like closer to two months ahead. Mind you, it was very much not a problem for me, as I am flexible with my schedules, and the young lady worked as a solo entrepreneur with no one to share the space with. And she was lovely, and the treatments were more than excellent. So I’m sort of wondering if this new (to me) place can match the experience. What I’m positive about is is that I’ll enjoy it.

Have a nice rest of the week, all (one, who managed to read this whole thing) of you and do tell me what kind of positive experiences you have had with beauty salons. I’m determined to keep this place nice this year, so no wiping your snotty fingers on your trouser knee and for goodness sake, try to remember that the fork is used to transport food from the plate to your mouth, not the knife.

Song of The Week 1/18

Sunday, January 7th, 2018

This week, the first week of 2018, I’ve been mostly listening to Major Lazer’s Be Together.

I can’t remember where or when I heard this the first time, but I know it wasn’t when it was released. I’m sort of a fan of Major Lazer, but I’ve only really listened to the singles that were played on Finnish radio stations, and they’re Watch Out For This and Jah No Partial. I guess it might be that I just stumbled on this while YouTube hopping and I saved it for later. And found it again a week ago.

I’m one of those (perhaps) annoying people that find a song, then listen to it seventymillion times in a row, forget them for a while and then put them into the sort of normal rotation. This song is no different. It’s been played this week probably thirty five times and it’s a lot, considering the time I have for listening what I want, instead of cartoons on the telly or some shitty radio station at work.

I love the rhythm, I love the melody and I love the singer’s voice. Particularly I love the “choir” at the beginning. And as strange as it seems coming from me, your friendly neighbourhood Larry Mullen jr. (i don’t think the lyrics are worth a shit to be honest i think it’s all about drums), I love the lyrics too. Plus the song gave me an instant fic-feel too. I mean even before I heard the lyrics.

So without any longer or deeper explanations, but just because it’s a bloody marvellous song, here’s this week’s Song of the Week, Be Together by Major Lazer.

This is the new shit

Thursday, January 4th, 2018

I have purchased myself a set of new running gear. Look at it. LOOK AT IT.

It’s black and pink and I love it. I need to find matching shoes to it, because I’m in desperate need of new running shoes and it fucking pisses me off that my old ones, the ones that I used up last summer were a perfect match for this set.

Now, for this bloody winter to move over…