Song of The Week – Bittersweet

When Simple Minds’ newest album Big Music came out in late October/early November last year, it was great. There’s a full blown rant about it here, in case you are interested and haven’t already grasped the effect the album had in me. I loved the first single and I was really pumped about hearing the whole album and also the deluxe edition with a few more songs on it, like Liaison.

And Bittersweet.

I heard it and immediately fell in love with it. There’s the thumping rhythm making the song go forward, there’s haunting synths, there’s the guitar and there’s the Kerr’s voice telling me how it’s sweet, sweet love. All that I ever dreamed of.

It quickly became a song in my go-to playlist for writing, played a fantastillion times and then some. It sounds like obsession and unhealthy stalkerish, paranoid, hot sweaty sex. It’s all the things I need for writing and it inspired a layout.

It’s still my obsession, my crack and I need my fix to get high and I love it.

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