Song of The Week – Come Tomorrow

I’ve told you before, on probably many occasions, how I see music in colours and images. Well, Chicane’s Come Tomorrow is one of those songs that paint a very definitive image on my mind.

There’s a city, surrounded by a wall, in the middle of a desert. It’s gone through some apocalyptic shit, the buildings have only a few windows that are not smashed in, the ripped curtains flowing in the harsh desert wind. There are burned cars all around, dead people rotting under the burning sun. There are two people, a man and a woman, in smeared, blood-stained clothes, guns on their backs, walking out of the city, hand in hand. At the gate they look back at the city, then at eachother and then to the vast desert ahead of them. The wind is blowing, their ripped clothes flowing with it.

I feel there’s a story there, I feel like I know these people. I know they’ve been through all hell and back before reaching the gate and starting their journey across the desert. I know they have some dark tales to tell, about the city and about the monster that used to run things there.

I’m just waiting for them to tell me.

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