I have renewed my gym membership after almost two years. Yay me! The reason why I initially stopped going was not lack of interest (well it was partly) but being pregnant and knowing that after the spawn was born, I would have zero possibilites to go. Because I would’ve had to go by my own and that’s not happening.

I mean I can go to the gym alone, but it has to be after I’ve established a routine. Like now, the girlfriend of my husband’s gym buddy goes with me. After a few times it’ll become ok for me to go alone, if we can’t for some reason match our calendars.

This time I’m taking things a bit more seriously when it comes to training. Mostly because I realise that not only am I in terrible shape, but also because I’m not getting younger and the further away I push my getting in shape, the harder it becomes and let’s face it: I’m a perfect candidate for diabetes II and all kinds of lesser but nastier evils, like knees buckling and what have you’s.

I’ve gotten a training schedule from a personal trainer and -of course- since I love notebooks and all that, I’ve made myself a training logbook.

look how pretty it is

So now I’m officially a fitness bird who roams around the gym with a water bottle (i have a hello kitty one) and a notebook. 😀 This can’t go wrong, I’m sure of it.

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