Song of The Week – On A Night Like This

When I was a tad over twenty, you know, that time in a person’s life when you feel you can accomplish anything and everything in life is a big adventure. You don’t really feel the need to sleep (or maybe it was just the mania talking), because all it takes for a good night’s sleep is to stand and look fifteen minutes into a dark closet.

In that time, me and my bezzie Tinttu, we basically lived in her car, a light blue Toyota Carina. No seriously, my mom used to joke that I should redirect my mail to that car, because we were in it a lot. A. LOT. We drove around from morning til noon til afternoon til evening and through the night. I think we racked up something around 25 000 km during the spring of 2001. So in short: a whole fucking lot. During the weekends we used to cart around a good number of people to and from bars, but mainly really our two best boys. They could always count on a safe ride home no matter what the time or date or their condition. We would be there to pick them up, haul their asses to chippie and then home, after a while.

Of course when you spend that much time in a car, you get bored with the radiostations playing the same crappy songs over and over. So we made a mix tape, or in this case a mix cd, filled with only good songs we wouldn’t get bored with, playing the same damn cd over and over again. And in that cd was this song, amongst many others.

This song really represents a time in my life when the road ahead was wide open and I had no clue where it would take me. All I knew was where ever it was taking me, it would be awesome and exciting and I would have these people with me, they would have my back, no matter what.

And you know what? I still have two of them. They’ve been through thick and thin and they still have my back, no matter what. So this one’s for you, ms. Carina Two-Thousand-One and mr. Awkward Two-Thousand-Forever. I love you guys.

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