Fight it out

Couple of years ago, when I was in my most fit, I used to go to Les Mills BodyCombat once a week and once a week to Les Mills BodyStep. Everytime after Combat I got this feeling. And that feeling is coming back now that I’ve been going a few times.

It’s a feeling that I can do absolutely anything, like I’m ready to conquer the world. I remember when I went to Combat and husband went to gym with his mate, I came out from the class and made angry faces at them, grinning and growling. I wanted to fight whatever obstacle was infront of me, preventing me from achieving my goals. I love that feeling and I’m so glad it’s coming back, because it keeps me going back, to fight out my anger and fustration towards myself. Mostly for being a lazy, lard-ass bitch who cannot be arsed to go out for even a walk.

I’m going to take this seriously this time. I’ve got my brain sorted with the pills, so now’s the time to sort out my body. I’m the only thing standing between me and the body I want to have. I can do this.

I fucking CAN.

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