Season opening

Lately I’ve been a bit busy. And when I say a bit, I mean a lot.

I’ve started my running season with my new shoes and the 5K Runner app on my phone. I’ve had the first run with it and whilst I’m super doubtful that I could ever run 5 kilometers at once, I’m giving it a go. Shoes seem to be excellent, didn’t feel like blistering at all! This is a massive improvement to earlier shoes, which have caused me at least one blister per foot the first time I took them out. I have to see how it goes with another run, but so far it looks good.

However, as I’ve started the running, I’ve encountered a bit of a problem. You see, I go to combat and step three times a week (once to step and twice to combat), three times to the gym and I need to clock three times a week on the running app. Also, I would like to have a day off, completely. Last time I counted there were seven days in a week, and with the day off, only six left to my exercises. So I guess I have to combine gym and running days. I mean both step and combat are such gruesome workouts I absolutely cannot have anything else on the same day.

Phew, we’ll see how this all fits in. I mean I have to get my weight down and the scale seems to love what I’m doing, so…

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