I reached a milestone, or rather a goal on my running yesterday. When I started my running program and got so far as to actually believing I could run more than ten minutes without dying, I set a few goals for myself: to run for an hour and to run around the whole path I do my runs.

I reached the one hour goal about a month ago. It was a wonderful feeling. Then there were a lot of one hour runs and then the heatwave set in and I all but abandoned running for two weeks.

Yesterday the air had cooled down a bit due to very many consecutive thunderstorms in a few days so I went for a run and managed the second, final goal. I ran around the whole track. It took me one hour an 13 minutes, including the six minutes of walking before and after, so I did the seven kilometer track in one hour and one minute. I was rather surprised that it didn’t take longer, because I thought the route I’ve taken in the one hour runs was shorter. I guess not so much then.

My thighs hurt a bit but mate I’m so proud of myself. Up until the halfway point I kept telling myself I’m ok if I run as far as I can, seeing that I had ran so little during the past two weeks. After that I kept telling myself I’d never have to do this again if I didn’t want to. So I ran and I made it.

I think I will try it again, even tho I didn’t think I would. But that was yesterday and I was pretty knacked after I came home, so.

Yay me!

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