Randomness, pt. infinity

I’m fed up with running. At least fed up with running around the same track over and over again. I know I could be doing the tarmac, but my legs really don’t feel up to it. I tried it once and you know what, 1/10 cannot recommend. So today I went (even if i didn’t feel like it at first, but i ate a lot of pancakes and felt disproportionally guilty about it, so eh) and just pissed off to a different, a lot shorter round. I felt really good about it, so even if it means less calories burnt, I will run that shorter route until I get bored of that as well. Also with school schitt and all, it’s much easier to fit a half-hour run to my ridiculously busy schedule than a full hour.

I’ve been trying out a day-per-page planning style. I’m liking it so far. I’m having a go at the personal sized planner and it seems like I could make it work. If I decide to get the inserts from Filofax, I’m sort of worried about Saturdays and Sundays being on the same page, because I have up until now given a whole page for each of them too. I mean I keep a foodlog, to do -lists and all appointments and stuff in it, so it might get a bit crammed during the weekends. I kinda would like to switch to the personal size mostly because it would fit better in my bag, but then again, I have the pocket sized planner doubling as a wallet and that’s always with me. I’m not convinced I could fill up the a5 size with day per page, but on the other hand there would be plenty of space if there happens to be a lot of shit going on. *sigh* decisions, decisions. Luckily I have a few months until next year to try out both sizes and see how it turns out.

I’ve been to the shrink and my medication was reduced. Still no clue about the effects, because I went to the chemist to fill the perscription and they didn’t have my pills on them. So I have to wait until like Tuesday so they’ll get them in and then I’ll be on just about the smallest dose of anti-psychotics you can be. I’m looking forward to it, I think my lost writing mojo is due to the pills. And a bunch of other things too. So yay for that. I wish maybe down the line when I’ll be better at recognizing my triggers, I could go totally drug-free.

School has started at full force now and I still feel a bit confused about everything that is going on. Or rather everything I am supposed to remember to do, like enroll for classes (this was new compared to tech school) and what not. I have classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights mainly, and come mid-November, also on Saturdays. I’m quite fine with that so far, the only thing bothering me is how to fit my exercises in there. I’ve had to dump combat already, because it’s on Tuesday nights. I would have a lot of time during the daytime, but I have B, so that’s off the limits on most days. I’m however determined to manage two times at gym and at least one run per week in there somewhere.

But yea. This is what’s going on at the moment. I’m also rewatching The Killing, because Stephen Holder is my absolute favourite character in television ever. <3

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