Of school

Back when I was in tech school (oh god it has been so long, thank fuck) I was succesful in returning my assignments in time. At least most of them. The problem was, I was so bad at planning that I usually whipped them up the last minute. I’m not saying the quality was bad, no, I used to get ok grades, but it was just so stressful and more often than not I would actually cry because of the anxiety.

This time around I thought about doing things differently.

We were given two quite big (at least i think they’re big) assignments to produce for two different courses. The deadline for both of them is October 14th. Now, if I were still the same kind of student I used to be, I would’ve just fretted over them and not do anything about them until maybe October 10th. But as I feel like I’ve matured (like a good wine, as they say, i wouldn’t know about wines, the vulgar that i am) I took a look at what was asked and divided them into smaller sections. And – here’s the thing- I planned times for each section well in advance.

I know, how grown up and responsible from me. But get this: I got so excited for my grown-up’edness that I went on and finished the first assignment two weeks in advance. And therefore I can re-plan the other assignment in a much looser way.

I hope I can keep up with this method. It’ll save me a lot of sweat and a lot of tears. And a lot of anxiety.

(how much do you want to bet come spring term i’ll be lying face down on the floor surrounded by overdue assignments, brownie crumbs stuck to my face, not sure if it’s wednesday or sunday, waiting for the sweet release of death)

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