It’s beginning to…

Well ho-ho-hold the fuck up, it seems like it’s almost time for the merriest, cheeriest time of the year.

And to think I’m actually up to speed. Yes I know, shock! horror! stop the press! and all that. I’ve put up our tiny little tree a week ago, I’ve put up all the decorations I’m going to and all I need to worry at the moment is a) whether I get my card list straight in time, b) if I can be bothered to get people gifts and c) who is going to bring what on the table for Christmas Eve, because that’s the day we celebrate the most here in Finland.

Good thing is we’ve sorted out the where and how many of it all, but now to make a menu and appoint everyone in charge of their bit. I’m going to be in charge of the main dish and I guess cheese (all the cheese, to meeee!) and mom just has to make the carrot casserole, otherwise it’s not going to be any type of Christmas in my household. The rest is still open. But for once I was thinking we really shouldn’t overdo it. I mean I can’t stomach the idea of having to eat Christmas food for weeks on end. No. So everything in moderation. (watch me heating up leftovers in january)

So Christmas is looking fine this year, even tho I’ve had a bit of a rough patch mentally recently, but I’m not going to spoil this post talking about that.


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