At the moment I’m
– enjoying some youtube videos of this one Irish-German piece of meat who seems to be an absolute dork. Exhibit A.

– thinking about what to actually blog about.

– eating toast with brown sauce and cheese. Stay classy, girl!

– drinking earl grey, brewed for however many minutes the bag was forgotten in, maybe 7? No milk, no sugar, as per usual.

– wearing tracky dacks and Indiana Mouse tee (because i’ve been to the gym today and frankly i’m too bloody lazy to change)

– listening to a lecture about blasting in mines. When I say ‘listening’ I mean I can hear the guy rambling, but… I can’t be arsed, even if it’s quite interesting. I’m a bad student. Shame on me.

– wanting for it to be tomorrow already. Because Assassin’s Creed with mum and sweets. Yas.

– weather-wise it’s fucking atrocious in here. Snowing sideways. Ew.

– feeling not too stressed about school. It is the first lecture tho, so brace yourselves.

– wondering if I should change planners from my Domino to my Kikki.K teal. I probably should.

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