Everything hurts. No literally

And when I say everything, I mean everything. And I haven’t even seen Logan yet.

I’ve been suffering not only mentally (raging mania), but physically as well. My upper back and really neck and shoulders have been in almost constant pain and state of proper stuck for weeks now. It’s gone from bad (back in late october last year) to worse (beginning of this year) to fucking infernal (the last few weeks). My arms hurt from time to time so bad that I can’t even leave them just hanging, but instead have to support them. They go numb and lose their power frequently. It’s not helping that I have to sit and type on the computer way more than usual, because I have twentyseven million essays to write for school and I have to sit in here for a gruelling number of lectures.

I have painkillers, believe me I’ve taken anything I can get my hands on. But it’s only so much they help. I went to the doctor three weeks ago and she sent me to get x-rays but har har, it’s been over two weeks from when they took them and I’ve still no results. And as a result of having no results, I’ve had no help at all.

This whole thing is making me very irritable, because it’s bloody awful to try and be nice when everything, literally everything hurts so fucking much.

But yea. Here’s hoping I can get the damn results next week. Ugh. *cries*

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