No, pt II

I’ve been so unstable the whole of today (well, really yesterday as i notice looking at the time, but whatever, i haven’t been sleeping so it’s still officially today in my books) that it really is a miracle I’ve not ran to a field to scream for an hour. Or ten.

I finished up a birthday project thingywotsit, a thing that was supposed to be a drawing, but ended up being a letter and I already got some feedback on it and it made me feel very good about myself. I’ve been on a Twitter rampage, because I can’t really rage on Facebook, because that’s just stupid. Twitter is, when you’re not hashtaging, like shouting into the void and that’s pretty much what I want most of the times with my rants. It serves my purpose of the inexplicable need to have a public meltdown. I’ve been engaging in a lovely conversation with a fellow U2er over at tumblr and even tho I think it’s a blue hellsite, the people are wonderful, they’re lovely and they sometimes contribute a lot to keeping me at least somewhat sane.

So thank you, internet people. Once again you’ve come to my rescue.

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