State of the Nation: August 2017 edition

It’s been a while since anything moved around these parts. But hey, I’m here and you’re here. Thanks for that, mate.

Right now-ish I’m

enjoying a nice cup of tea after a day of Doing a Lot of Thingsā„¢, which include digging up stones on the yard, picking raspberries (that i won’t even eat, but mom does) and sorting out our Barbie-stuff from childhood with me sister. The whole lot, two horses and carriage and a kitchen set and a fuckton of other sets are going off to my mate’s kid, for when she turns however old you need to be to know how to properly treat vintage toys.

thinking about how much I’d like to be rummaging through the seemingly endless amount of storage boxes I have that are filled with stuff I probably won’t need. Ever. But then again, it’s nearly midnight and kid’s asleep so I won’t want to bother him. I guess I can get back into that tomorrow or something.

eating fudge. Damnit, I need to check local Lidl tomorrow if they have any more of those.

drinking Tetley tea (brewed for many, many minutes, until weapons-grade strength) from my Mrs. Michael Fassbender -mug

a thing of beauty, innit

wearing army green short shorts and a tank top (two things in life are certain; death and the fact that if you go to sleep in a tank top, one of your titties will be out when you wake up) and knee-high woolly socks, made especially for me by a good mate of mine.

listening Enjoy the Silence by KI Theory. This is… eerie, scary, desperate, good.

wanting for my orders from Kikki.K and Filofax to arrive (not holding my breath about the filofax one as the last one turned into a farce on an unprecedented scale) and also for people to stop being absolute twats. These two things have nothing to do with eachother, just in case anyone was wondering.

feeling somewhat content, if not counting the disgust I feel towards a load of people on social media. Mainly fb. Sticking to twitter and tumblr for a while and covering myself with Fassbender has never seemed a better idea than now.

wondering if I’ll fall asleep tonight in a relatively timely manner. (doubt it, ha-ha! -my brain) Or will I be writing my story in my head for a few hours, like every night for emh… a long time.

Also: weather-wise it’s been ace. It’s really been an uncommonly dry summer over these parts. It rained a lot last night, but before that it’s been… no rain for ages. I mean yea a drizzle or two every now and then, but like a proper, soaking rain? Nuh. I don’t think at all the whole summer? Ground is dry even now, if you dig like a centimeter deep. So yea, dry as fuck. Strange.

And those are the cards I’m playing with right this moment.

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