Humming bird

There are times when my attention span is that of a humming bird. Today seems to be one of them.

I sit down to have a cuppa with a book that I find rather interesting (it’s full of biological terms and shit, so it’s a bit of a trying read, but i like it), otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered with it after the first sixty or so pages. I read three paragraphs and look at my phone, glance at Instagram for much needed validation (none gotten, woe), get back to the book for next two paragraphs, get my phone out again and take stupid selfies, upload them to Instagram and proceed with the book.

For ten minutes? Half a chapter? Until I get up to drag out kid’s old clothes that have gotten too small, to photograph them for selling. I put them away and decide to clean a bit in the kitchen. I put away three things (out of ten) and sit down to read. Only to get up and move to my computer to continue on what is a bit of a binge on the fifth season of A Place Called Home (i’m really liking it, i’m at episode 10 currently). I watch half of the episode and get up to get something to eat. Like a bowl of cerial. Which I decide to have at the kitchen table with the aforementioned book. Ten minutes and I’m getting up to go to my computer again.

This is hellish.

So I open youtube and put on some music (have you fucking heard Tricky & Terranova’s Bombing Bastards? or indeed Terranova’s Never? fucking amazing) and I get a moment of peace. I just sit and drown myself into the beats. But it’s only temporary. Because after the -what appears to be the threshold today- ten minutes, I’m back to scrolling planner videos and switching up inserts on my planner, because I want something new I need to make this better

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