Song of The Week 2/18

This past month I’ve been mainly obsessing over Altered Carbon. While this song has absolutely nothing to do with it, it has historically to do with Joel Kinnaman, the man who plays Takeshi Kovacs and Elias Ryker in that series. It was quite soon after this song was released that I heard it first, as a part of a playlist that had something to do with making out and sex and all that jazz. Coincidentally I was up to my eyebrows in Kinnaman-fandom at that time and naturally connected every hot song with him.

And just last week I happened to scroll about my Starred playlist on Spotify for some “old” tunes to find some variation, when this popped up. Conveniently when I’m so deep into Kinnaman (again) that I can barely remember my name.

So suffer with me, both the song and the man.

disgusting, innit

This week’s song is IAMX – Your Joy Is My Low

gif credit to uuuhshiny @ tumblr

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