Song of The Week, 3/18

I’ve been waiting for spring to come, which now, as there’s still snow in monumental fucking piles all around here, a bit of a wishful thinking. I don’t like winter, I don’t like snow and cold, so it’s quite natural that I’m bit anxious already for the summer to arrive. It has been snowy all around for over five months now.

I’m waiting for the summer (or at least a proper spring) particularly lot this year, mostly because I’ve bought myself a pair of spanking new New Balance running shoes and I’m waiting for the roads to clear so I can start my running season. Which brings me to my pick for the Song of The Week. I’ve been compiling a running playlist for this season, like I do for every season. I like to change up the beats I listen to for every year, even tho there are some that stick, just because they are my power songs and they can spank me into pushing myself further. But mostly it’s just songs that have a powerful basstrack. Which is quite evident in this one.

I picked this up just recently from BodyCombat 75, and it immediately stuck with me. It’s going on my running playlist this year, probably as track number six or seven, just because I know I’ll need an extra boost right about there.

Here it is, the third Song of The Week this year, Tropkillaz – Disbroqueia a Tela.

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