The title of the post tells you pretty much what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks. Yes, screaming in frustrating anger. Pro tip: buy a house, start renovating, ?????, FUUUUU!

Seriously. The new building (around the inception-wall) is almost finished, but the actual kettle whatchamacallit was supposed to be delivered somewhere around week 2 of August. Guess what. Aa-ha-ha-ha-haa. It has been delayed. It will possibly arrive in two weeks from now. Right.

So ok, we have the upstairs storage space half done. Half done, because we needed to get the new building done, because the kettle thingywotsit was supposed to be here last week. The wee room that has a) the entrance to the upstairs storage space and b) our computers and c) turtle is in a state of fucking chaos, because the two closets we had have been given away to their new owner (as was agreed earlier) which means that the crap in those closets is piled up in little(ish) piles that defy the laws of gravity.

Oh jeez. This is what drives people into drinking. Mmm drink.

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