Randomness, Pt 29753

Today I made (per request) a card that ended up being so pretty I’m not sure I want to give it away. 🙁

Also, as I am Possibly the Awesomest Wife Ever, I bought hubby a ROBOT!

How cool is that? Even though I apparently cannot take a photograph to save my life, I dare you to say that the robot is not cool. Robots = cool, period.

I have a ton of pictures from our trip to Ranua Zoo a few weeks ago (polar bears! pigs! wild boar!) , but I haven’t gotten around sorting them (nor have I sorted out the pictures from our mini-honeymoon-trip of last autumn to the same location), but I will. I promise. Things will ensue their normal mode when we’re done with renovating ALL the things! Also I need to update shit, but laaawd, it’s way too brain-capacity wasting for now. Meh. :/

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