I have a job interview on Tuesday. \o/ It’s on Oulu, which means I have to drive there (how bad is the situation with finnish public transportation if driving is the surest way to get from a to b on time?) and that takes a bit of thinking (i don’t like thinking much) as to how much time I need to reserve for the trip.

I don’t mind. I’m already absolutely fully booked for the month of March. It’s ridiculous, I know! I told the man calling about the interview I quite appreciate the irony of an unemployed having to check calendar for suitable time for job interview. I don’t know if he appreciated it, but I told him I did anyways.

Gah. I need to check in with the local job centre for a re-schedule for that personality test I mentioned earlier. Because I bloody well double booked myself! Yay me! Also I need to summon all my diplomas and what-nots (that’s pretty much sorted already) and then possibly try to look up on the company, in case they decide to ask if I know anything about them (not really).

So it’s on Tuesday. Wish me luck.

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