This then

So yesterday we had a staff meeting and the whole bloody factory got slapped with a lay-off. Starting from the 17th and lasting for 5-10 days. Isn’t this just fucking grand? You know, I don’t mind the short break, because I’m a lazy fat-ass, but really. It hits me where it hurts, the wallet. I’ve got bills to pay and shit to buy, I could’ve bloody well used the paycheck from the entire month, thankyouverymuch.

On a side note, in this job that I have? I’m damn good. I know I’m good at it, indeed I’m fucking ace in it. And everybody else in this factory knows it. It’s not just my delusions, I am that good.

But that’s that then. Lay-off looming upon moi. I’ll just write and run the 5-10 days. Oh yes.

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