So this just happened

Two weeks ago I got a little hot-headed at work because of reasons and I felt really crappy so I took a week off, based on nonorganic insomnia. Which in doctor terms is “headcase” put in nice terms. Seriously, things got so fucked up at work that I just couldn’t cope with it anymore. It’s just… I love my work, I’m good at it and also fuck you, I know shit, so it’s not that. It’s also nothing to do with the guys I work with (exception being this mid-level manager who’s a right dick and who used to do me head in, but not anymore because i told him to shove it. i did. honestly. ), because the guys are so much fun and nice and fun and cute and cuddly it’s not even real life, to be honest.

It’s the management. They do everything in their power to make us workers feel like shit and it’s not even funny anymore. I’m not getting any deeper into that shit, cuz of reasons, again. Let’s just leave it at that. At this point.

So what gives? Here I am, once again suffering from early symptoms of burn out and whaddyaknow, it’s November. This is beginning to look like this other film that I saw two years ago. Even the doctors have the same lines.

So I decided to give a ring to the local mental health department and I now have an appointment with an actual shrink and I may or may not be given the verdict of bi-polar. We shall see.

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