In Other News

At last we got around to watch Gran Torino, a film that Janne bought on blu-ray about a month ago. I loved it. It was fun, touching at times (not so much that i’d cry, which generally does not take much), refreshingly slow-paced and there was a dog. Yeah I’m easy. Also the ending was marvellous.

As we were sitting on the couch piled up about each other (yea the couch is a bit smallish for two relatively tall people) I came to the conclusion that we watch way too little movies. There was a time when we used to watch a film or two a day. And those were fun times.

Not that times lately would have been somehow un-fun or anything, it’s just that watching movies is a different kind of fun.

And I have to say, having a cherry Coke in my hand after like ten years of drought in that department didn’t exactly make the whole experience worse. 😀

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