Name: Marika L.
Nick: Rika, Rick, Mardu, Marikki, sometimes even Rikachu. tehRika or dirtynumb in the net.
Sex: Cis female. Petrolsexual, suck – squish – bang – blow, you know the deal.
DoB: October 18th 1978
Sign: Libra. Horse (earth) in Chinese.
Status: Married.
Location: Kemi, Finland. A tad below 66th parallel.
Speaks: MeƤnkieli as mothertongue, Finnish, Swedish, English, bit of German and a wee bit of Serbian and Russian (mostly curses).
Family: RockStarHusband, a Terrible Toddler, two stinkpot turtles named Leroy and Nixon and two guinea pigs named Omar and All Sorts.
Home: A small house on a hillside.
Political: punching nazis
Religion: Awesomeism.
Appearance: 1,76 m tall (5 ft 9-ish), dark brown/purple-ish hair (atm), grey eyes, glasses, most likely wearing a cardie. Three piercings and a lot of tattoos.

{ tehRika }

I am: loud, silly, geeky, nerdy, trustworthy, unsocial, writer, procrastinator, lazy, independent, short-tempered, smartass, comic relief, fangirl, trash, witty, teenybopper, shallow, music-lover, movie-lover, science-geek, nitpicker, messy, Kilkenny-drinker, bipolar, in luuurve

I like:
General: motorbiking, my Honda Shadow (named Dixon), my Firebird (named Merle), phonecalls, sarcasm, friends, Mountain Dew, pubs, planners, dancing, running, being alone, singing, quiet mornings when you have no hurry and you can sit and sip yorkshire tea and read the paper, puns, moments when the universe seems to be in place, smell of freshly cut grass, smell of forest at 5 am, the smell of air fifteen minutes prior to summer rain, my U2 360 tour tee-shirt, strawberries, languages, history, London, Nemiroff honeypepper vodka, maps, bad jokes, giggling, bass guitar, fangirling, passing notes during lessons, cottage cheese, strawberry yoghurt, Depeche Mode Touring The Angel army bag, football, hockey and never have I ever said no to a cuppa

People: Michael Fassbender, Norman Reedus, the boys of U2, esp. Bono, Colin Farrell, Sean Patrick Flanery, Jensen Ackles, Joel Kinnaman, Temuera Morrison, Julian Arahanga, James “Sonny” Crockett, Cate Blanchett, Billy Connolly, Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, Geri Halliwell, Natalie Portman, Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley

Music: U2, Zeljko Joksimovic, Major Lazer, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, rock in general, Britney Spears, boybands, 80’s cheesy songs, soundtracks, live music

Movies: Lord of The Rings trilogy, StarWars films (all of them, yes all), Spy Game, Assassin’s Creed, The Boondock Saints, Alexander, Indiana Jones trilogy (we don’t talk about crystal skulls), The Recruit, war movies, Welcome to Sarajevo, Once Were Warriors, Broken English, Snatch, American History X, Layer Cake

Tv: News, Emmerdale, QI, old Top Gear, A Place Called Home, Ancient Aliens, documentaries

I don’t like:
crying, puking, Lipton yellow label tea, backstabbers, coffee, wine, cabbage unless raw, beetroot soup, that rabid cheeto dude, Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, ridiculous amounts of snow, lack of money, the film Traffic, car breakdowns, milk and alcohol mixed (blasphemy!), Matt Damon, bananas (so vile), asthma, allergies, bad eyesight, stupid people, religious fundamentalism, back pains, liking something just because it’s trendy, Red Hot Chili Peppers songs except for two (Fortune Faded and Dani California), rudeness, Finnish singer/songwriter J. Karjalainen, headaches