Site was purchased in December 2013 and is hosted by DreamHost. The purpose of it is to provide me and Janne with a platform for fucking about with coding and also to serve as my venue to vent out on things.

The name comes from something I’ve always found interesting, the shepherd moons that orbit Saturn and basically herd the rings.

This site runs on WordPress, the graphics are made by me and the pictures I use are mostly blatantly borrowed. Whenever I can, I will try to include a link to the base image used. This of course isn’t possible for pictures that have been sitting on my computer ever since dinosaurs died. I am truly sorry for that and I do not intent any harm or monetary lack to anyone. This layout features yet again my true disaster, Michael Fassbender. Picture is from 2014 and it’s taken by the marvellous Henry Leutwyler, thanks for gifting us with that photoshoot .

For the theme of WordPress I have used the default one and then twisted it a bit. The coding sucks and it certainly will not pass any tests, but look at all the fucks I don’t give, look at them Anakin. As we internet kids used to say back in 2003: works for me.